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Where do you see IT in 100 years

By Majestic12forlife ·
I'm new here to this discussion board. However, I wanted to choose an IT board where visionaries and people knowledgeable in IT are in abdundance, so I want to know your opinion as to how you see the Information Technology world in 100 years.

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by Majestic12forlife In reply to Where do you see IT in 10 ...

oops, wrong category. If there is a moderator out there, can you move this thread to Miscellaneous where it belongs.

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I certinally don't know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

But I find it hadr enough just keeping up with the increases in the technology that is presently occuring. A few years ago Intel was claiming they had just about reached the limits of silicon based technology and there have been I think 3 families of CPU's since that all silicon based. But at the moment I don't look further than MS proposed launch of Longhorn or what ever it will end up being called. As far as intel is concerned well what comes after the HTT? that one was sought of out of left field unless you where closely looking at Intels activities and currently I haven't heard of a replacment for silicon yet but someone out there must be working on something. I think Optical M'Boards will be next but who at the moment can say how theywill perform let alone how they will actually work? Presently it is an interesting area to work in and I am remined of an old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" or something like that.

But I for one would like to hear some others opinions. Perhaps Maxwell Edison can tell us all as he seems to know everything about everything!

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colinluck has issues

by maxwell edison In reply to I certinally don't know

Take whatever colinluck says with the proverbial grain of salt.

And he's just sore at me because I've challenged him on quite a number of, shall I say, "outrageous" things he's said and/or claimed.

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I'm afraid not so Max

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to colinluck has issues

As you obviously know so much more than me I though you could look in your crystal ball and tell what will happen in the future. Personally I don't claim any expertiese outside my imediate field and you always seem to know so much more than me. But what I find interesting is that you have replied to a posting that I made where I basicly said I had no idea just how technology will develop in the next 4-5 years let alone the next 100 years and you replied to take what I said "With a grain of salt". Does than mean that you actually think I know far more than what I think I do? Anyway this should be interesting to say the least as I'm interested in what all you out there think will happen. Yes even you Max as you without fail always have something to say and can't be changed from your way of thinking no matter what. Anyway where do you think technology will be in 100 years? I'm personally not game to make any predictions as things are changing so quickly but you obviously know how things will develop.

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I'm sorry Maxwell if I get you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm afraid not so Max

Worked up so much that you blow a gasket somewhere. Really you should try to take it a bit easier or you will end up having a heart attack and I persoanlly don't want to lose you as you always give me a good laugh so try to keep calm and continue onas I need some comic relief after the type of days I have been having lately. So keep up the good work but try to settle down a bit so you will be around for a very long time to come as personally I need your input just to keep me grounded after a bad day. Particually as I'm looking at at least one or more lengthy court apperances in the very near future I do need someone to bring me back to earth {hopefully with a big thud}. My only hope is that these proceed without being stoped before any action begins with confidentially clauses invoked, as while I don't want the agrivation I still believe that its the right thing to do and it comes with the tetority so I'm just going to roll with the punches.

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Actually I know everything

by LordInfidel In reply to I certinally don't know

And since I am destined to take over **** pretty soon. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that IT will be no different then it is now.

Users will still suck.

IT gods will always rule the world.

Windows 5000 will still crash needlesly and allow anyone make a connection to it via a different planet.

A new giant will emerge from the linux world; maybe apple has it right with OS X?

Most of us will be dead and under my rule in IT ****. Which everyone will be made to do tier 1help desk support for all eternity.

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by road-dog In reply to Actually I know everythin ...

There IS a celestial technicality that can be leveraged to avoid such a fate. Me, I'm going to take advantage of cryogenic technology advances. On my deathbed, I'm going to have one of the Hooters girls who my health plan have thoughtfully subcontracted my hospice care to implement operation "Avoid Fate".

My body will be cryogenically lowered to a point near absolute zero, thusly avoiding the grim reaper. Technically not deceased, I will be able to forestall death.


MUAHH Haaa Haaa Haaa! ( this doesn't look as maniacal as it sounds in my office)

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by TomSal In reply to Actually I know everythin ...

(sadistic laughter echoing for all eternity)

You cruel *******!


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can you make sure to add...

by MallardtooXX In reply to Actually I know everythin ...

extra warm lakes of lava? I would hate to think my feathers would get all ruffled. Also I would like to request monthly passes to USER **** as well. I think I would use that pass to enact the tortures they put on me in the past. Oh and one more thing while you are at it. I would love to see you set up the USER HELP DESK where we can call them for support with questions like "Um, uh yeah my pitchfork thingy isn't like sharp enough, do you know um uh if that upgrade came in yet?" or the ever famous "I can't get my rack to stretch far enough, can you come down and see if you can fix it? I keep hitting the reset button but it just sits there and does nothing. I decided after I took off the case and saw all of those wires, I only switched two i think, that I should call you guys if I couldn't fix it on the fourth try." That would make it all worth it.
-Insert Maniacle laughter here-


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In ****.....

by admin In reply to Actually I know everythin ...

You mean I'll have to pretend to read scripts, become a control freak and annoy people between surfing humorous websites and sharing them with my friends?



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