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Where do your end users keep their data files?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
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A new TechRepublic poll asks, "Where do you have your end users store their data?
- All data is stored on the local machines
- Mostly on the local machines, but backed up to the network
- Some data on local machines and some on the network
- All data is stored on the network

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Good Question

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Where do your end users k ...

If you find out, let me know. I'll pass it on.
I've talked to a few, recently. Truly scary, got to discus some sort of education campaign for our customers at some point.

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good idea!

by mroonie In reply to Good Question

Users definitely need to be more <a href="">educated </a>when it comes to securing data. With just a little bit of effort and curiosity, what one would think to be harmless information could actually be the starting point to finding out a lot more information about a particular company or individual.

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I agree as well

by j_most In reply to good idea!

I agree that education is necessary. It seems that no matter what we do at my particular location, no one listens. We mapped locations, explained to staff and one on one, users still don't save important work related information to the network. I'm afraid it's going to take something drastic happening like the loss of a hard drive for the message to come across.

As you can tell, it's an exhausting task for me :)

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