Where does my NERO BackItUp 12 store the files?

By JADavis9 ·
Tags: Software
This NERO came free & fully-installed on my new pc that I got for Christmas.
My question is . . . if I don't go for their online storage deal which is surely where they make their $ and is why they give this stuff away ... then WHERE does it stick the backup?
I'm warned each day that it is doing the Backup and I need to click some button to Allow it to continue for some reason that annoys the H out of me as the answer should be SO OBVIOUS after I've clicked ALLOW each day.
But I'm so new with this Windows 8.1 that I don't know my way around at all Like I used to with my XP that I used for 10 or so years.
So, how would I find where the backups are stored? Would I click that icon that looks Like file folders that is on my Desktop page down at the bottom? I might have been the one that put that there while trying to find my way around.
And then, where within those Folders would this NERO stuff be and I would I use it to Restore something?
I'm just Like some LOST puppy!

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did it come with a manual?

by PurpleSkys In reply to Where does my NERO BackIt ...

if not, try your help files or check with the manufacturers website to see if they have a manual there. I'm not a big fan of Win8 so I really don't know it all that well. I would assume there was a "backup" folder within Nero, but that's a guess

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