Where does Outlook 2002 store email address files? Trying to export!

By cleverschoolers ·
Hi - I have a new laptop running Windows Vista. I am trying to transfer my email addresses contacts from Outlook 2002 to Windows Mail, but I can't find where the email address files are stored in Outlook 2002. Can anybody help? Thanks!

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Do it from within

by IC-IT In reply to Where does Outlook 2002 s ...

Outlook 2002. Open your contacts. Go to the File menu and select import/export. You will want to export it to the desktop as a .PST file. Then copy it onto a flash drive, network share, floppy, etc.
From the Mail program import it back in.

You can go directly to the path, but there are often problems when coping it from that location. You need to set your folder options to display hidden files. A sample path would be like this;
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

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What type of file do I choose when importing into Windows mail?

by cleverschoolers In reply to Do it from within

Ok - I was able to backup the Outlook contacts to the desktop, but I'm not sure which option to select under type of file on the import menu in Windows Mail. There's no selection for PST. The choices are CSV, LDIF, WINDOWS address book files, and Works address book. which should I choose? Thanks!

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My error try this

by IC-IT In reply to What type of file do I ch ...

Sorry I was unaware that it would not handle the .pst format.
Please export again and use the CSV option.

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Mission accomplished

by cleverschoolers In reply to My error try this

Thanks - I got it worked out - for some reason,though, some of the email addresses didn't transfer with the names, and some did. I just cut and pasted the missing addresses into the Windows mail address book individually for the ones that didn't show up. Thanks for your help!

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