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Where does the file go!

By mzjr_1978 ·
A user has deleted a file from a share on the Win2k Server. Where does the files go? and how to recover it? using any of Win2k addOn (No need of reffering 3rd Party SW`s).

What & HowTo feature is provided to take care of this unhappy use.

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by RagingBull In reply to Where does the file go!

Restore from backup.

Ontrack Data Recovery Pro - ASAP if you don't have a backup. Run it on the server not the client.

To answer your question directly, the file exists on the server regardless of it being a share.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Where does the file go!

i agree. they are gone for good. perhaps a 3rd party undelete tool but i have no recommendations. I use historical backups and educate my users about how they work.
By design, files deleted by network clients never go into the Recycle Bin, so make sure the files in question were deleted locally.

Files Do Not Show Up in Recycle Bin When Deleted

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Where does the file go!


It is a sad fact that files that are deleted across the network are deleted for good. As suggested above you can restore from backup, but apparently there are a couple of programs out there which will help prevent this from happeneing in the future (you will need to search TechRep for this - I cannot recall where this information is).

We recently redesigned our network and installed a 'linkstation' which is essentially a NAS device which plugs straight into the network. One of the features of this device is that anything that is deleted via a client is automatically stored in a hidden 'Trash' folder. This has come in very handy as it saves restoring from backup tapes.

Of course - you would still need to backup the data on the NAS anyway, but the trash folder is definately a bonus.

Good luck

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