where has my flash drive gone Help me

By rajcorp_6120 ·
I go on my computer but I don't see my flash
The U3 program loads up but I can't access the drive (F

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Did it ever work?

by jimmy-jam In reply to where has my flash drive ...

How do you lnow it is your F: drive. The U3 drive will load 2 drive letters one appears as a CD drive and the other is the actual flash drive. Is it possible you are trying to access the wrong drive. Does it light up when you plug it in. Do you hear the Windows alert sound that indicates a device has been plugged in? More info please.

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Try this

by mark In reply to Did it ever work?

My computer does not list the drive either. It shows the f drive for u3 but not the actual drive. Just go to start button, choose run and type g and see if it shows a documents folder. I bought one as a spare and didnt try to use it for a few months that ended up not working at all, but if you get the f: drive you should be able to access it. create a shortcut to g for quick access

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Verify its there

by IC-IT In reply to where has my flash drive ...

Open System Properties, expand the tree view to access Disk Management.
It should be listed there and the drive may be conflicting with another drive letter (mapped drive?). Right click the USB drive and change the drive letter to one un-assigned.

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