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Where has my recycle bin gone ?

By sojolinux ·
I use Windows ME and have somehow managed to lose my recycle bin leaving no trace of it in any directories. I can still empty it through Powerdesk but i cannot find any properties for it.
Any ideas on how to restore it to my desktop ?

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Where has my recycle bin gone ?

by Diamond Dan In reply to Where has my recycle bin ...

Hi sojolinux,

Here's the trick:

Open windows explorer.
Click on tools, then folder options.
In Folder Options Applet box, click the View tab.
Under Hidden Files and folders: click radio button to show hidden files and folders.
Then deselect the checkbox to hide protected operating system files and folders. Windows will prompt you if you are sure, say yes and then apply your changes.

Now, navigate to your root drive. You should see a half shaded folder in the shape of the recycle bin. Right click that folder and select Send to > then select Desktop (create shortcut).

Click on the show desktop icon in the taskbar and you will now have the shortcut to the recycle bin on your desktop.

Just to be safe you should probably restore the windows explorer view settings back to the defaults to prevent you from accidentally moving/deleting system files.



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Where has my recycle bin gone ?

by sojolinux In reply to Where has my recycle bin ...

This answer was spot on.
Thank you for your help. I know it wasnt a life threatening question but it helps to keep my desktop tidy.
Thanks again

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Where has my recycle bin gone ?

by sojolinux In reply to Where has my recycle bin ...

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Where has my recycle bin gone ?

by RAMAC-9846778 In reply to Where has my recycle bin ...

I am aware of two places in the registry that contain the references to the recycle bin icons; there may be other references.



Like all registry hacks, be careful! Before you start hacking go to the Start button on the bottom of your desktop and select help. On the left side of the opening screen is a link to the System Restore Option in Windows Me, familiarize yourself with it. If you crash your registry then you can use this option to return to a previous working version of the registry.

Go to Start\Run and type in regedit and then click on OK. In each of the two locations above you should find the following three String entries-

Name Data
(Default) ?C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\shell32.dll,31?
Empty ?C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\shell32.dll,31?
Full ?C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\shell32.dll,32?

Notice that there are no spaces in each String and that there is a period between 32 and dll and a comma between dll and 31 (or 32). Check the sites below for more info

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