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"Where have you been" software

By beachboy11 ·
I have a client who is finally getting Internet access. But he doesn't trust all his employees, and heard that there is a piece of software that you can check up on your workstations at the end of the day.
He wants to see what web sites they hit.
I wasn't aware of any such software, just checking there temp files.
Is there such an app out there that does this? He said his old admin told him about it.

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Monitoring Software Reviews

by Black Panther In reply to "Where have you been" sof ...
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Monitoring Software

by beachboy11 In reply to Monitoring Software Revie ...

Looks like what I am looking for, was hoping to find something a little cheaper. I'll have to swing that by my client. Thanks.

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Use a Proxy server

by Lost_one In reply to "Where have you been" sof ...

Use a proxy server and you an he can check to see what sites the employees goto without having to logon to there machine. All the info is stored on the server. Works great and you can block certain sites and file extension.

NetIQ Webmarshal is a good one and is very easy to use and maintain. They have a free trial version if you want to test it out.

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Proxy server.....

by beachboy11 In reply to Use a Proxy server

Lost--Thanks for the idea. The problem I have with this software is it won't run on Win98. The server at this office is running Win98. Not sure if there is even an app out that will run on that platform.

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Win98 as a server??

by Lost_one In reply to Proxy server.....

You are running a Win98 computer as a server? Your boss must be a cheap SOB. You must be using it as file storeage and not much else and your network I bet is setup as a Work Group. Maybe he should spend some money and get you a server instead of wasting your time and his money on worring about his employees internet use.

Sorry to be so harsh, but he (your boss) is not making much sence. Your hardware technology is way behind the times and that is were he should INVEST is money.

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Win98 as a server??

by beachboy11 In reply to Win98 as a server??

Your absolutely right. But he is a client, and I just work on what he has. I have gone over this about using a workstation running Win98 as a server, but he is VERY cheap. So I do what I can.
That is why when he mentioned about getting software like this, I didn't think it would be available for things like Win98. But thought I would ask anyway.

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