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Where I can buy a battery for my ASUS U36S ?

By tecbaby ·
Where I can buy a battery for my ASUS U36S ?

You that I have a asus laptop and the battery ASUS U36S has already told me goodbye. I do not even 5 minutes hard. I've looked at the official website of asus, but no stock and the price seems excessive to me (101 ). A friend told me to take advantage to buy a battery that is better, but ... would be unofficial, right? ? Could use a better one?
? Could you recommend any site that is legit? I'm no expert on the subject, so I come to you.

I've seen some with 8 or 12 cells, with more voltage, etc ... What does this mean? ? Are better? ? Me I can trust?
For example this: http://www.elecachat.fr/asus-u36s-series(all).html
Or this:
will you suggest me which one of the better battery

Thanks in advance

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Not knowing where you reside,

not sure if this information will help,but here goes. About 6 months ago or so
the battery on my little Acer Aspire One was getting weak, and the little plug on
the AC charger was starting to not connect when needed, so, I did a bit of
searching and came across BatteryEdge at www.batteryedge.com. They had
reasonable prices and even free shipping for a replacement battery for my
Acer. Just be sure the original model number matches with the one offered
and you should be good. I'm contemplating using them again for an older
HP Compaq Presario notebook I acquired which the battery no longer charges.
As for the more voltage/wattage, greater number of "cells", this usually
means the battery will last longer, so like on my Acer, I bought a 6 cell pack
to replace the 3 cell pack originally equipped, battery life almost doubled to
around 5 to 6 hours!

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