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    Where is clipboard?


    by ozi eagle ·


    I have recently updated to XP SP2, freshly installed to a separate partition (drive E), with programs, data etc on drive C. This is the first time that I have had the OS on a separate partion.
    I am now experiencing problems with a shareware backup program that I have purchased. It keeps nagging me to register and then sends me to its home page. I have the registration key, but the method of entering is to copy it to the clipboard and then start the application, which should load the key and register you. Doing this doesn’t work, though in the previous configuration with OS (W2K) on C drive it worked OK. I am wondering if there is a file for the clipboard that lives with the OS (on drive E) whilst the application is looking for it on drive C.

    Can anyone throw some light into this dark corner?

    Also having some other issues, that may be related to the OS not being on drive C, but am following up with others at the moment.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Well it shouldn’t produce any problems not having XP on the C Drive/Partition but the problem could be SP2 as it is known to break quite a lot of software and in this case the app might not be XP SP2 compatible but most likely will work if SP2 isn’t installed.

      I know that it’s no help to you as you have a Copy of XP that includes SP2 don’t you?


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      by ozi eagle ·

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