Where is flash in the ipod touch and iphone ?

By tsec05 ·
Why apple refuses to support flash ?

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This may answer your query

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Where is flash in the ipo ...

But basically Apple see's Flash as Insecure and a Open Door to Intrusions which is exactly what it is.


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Flash is unstable

by timbloom In reply to This may answer your quer ...

Flash is a CPU hog, which makes it a battery killer on portable devices. It's also responsible for most browser crashes. It's also been an entry point for many viruses over the past year or so. People do expect their phone to be secure, stable, and reliable, probably more than their desktop. The more like a PC you make your phone, the more you're open to the same problems, Apple is taking a major source of complaints and basically cutting it off at its source. HTML 5 can do most of what people use flash for natively.

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Ask Apple

by dogknees In reply to Where is flash in the ipo ...

It's just like IBM in the 70's. You're locked into the Apple iWorld now and you will enjoy your experience. Whether you like it or not.

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Goes back further than that.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Ask Apple

You will eat your peas, and you will like your peas.

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but I like peas...

by .Martin. In reply to Goes back further than th ...

Don't like carrots

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because they can {NT}

by .Martin. In reply to Where is flash in the ipo ...

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