Where is Linux boot file stored in windows registry?

By jcwfbi ·
I recently found out that Ubuntu linux can be installed to run within Window's. You install Ubuntu as another program and then it's added as a multi boot., so you have the option to boot into Linux or Window's. Anyone know where this info is stored in the registry? Is it stored somewhere else?

Thanks for your expertise...

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Not in registry, but in boot.ini, the Windows bootloader config

by Slayer_ In reply to Where is Linux boot file ...
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by jcwfbi In reply to Not in registry, but in b ...

I have never installed one os inside of another to its a different concept to me..Ok, so it installs the linux os in a folder in windows as another program file, and it adds it to the boot.ini aka ntldr?

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by seanferd In reply to Where is Linux boot file ...

ntldr and boot.ini are not the same at all, hence the different names.

You must be talking about Wubi. See documentation for Wubi.

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by jcwfbi In reply to No AKA.

Ah yeah I was referring to the mbr, as it being a view of it for us to change.

Ok so the dual boot with ubuntu and windows works great. Now I want to do the same with windows and ubuntu server.. Can this be done as well?


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It's in the boot.ini

by Red_One In reply to Where is Linux boot file ...

With WUBI it is in the boot.ini.
If you install it to it's own partition (or drive) windows gets installed in the linux bootloader (GRUB or LILO)
I would not use WUBI on a production system. It can be fragile.

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That isn't really dual-boot.

by seanferd In reply to Where is Linux boot file ...

And I really wouldn't use a Wubi-install for regular use at all, but YMMV. Create a real dual-boot installation if you are actually going to use this as a server. That is, install Ubuntu or whatever, allowing the install to create its own partitions, without destroying the Windows install.

The new bootloader will either start Ubuntu, or will chainload the Windows MBR, depending on what is selected.

Ubuntu server? I don't know if that has a Wubi package. Check the Ubuntu site.

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