Where should I start with Linux?

By ksmith ·
I had been contemplating using Linux for a long time and finally decided to give it a try the last few weeks of school. I started with Fedora Core 6 and liked it a lot, but I had two main issues:

My lack of knowledge of the shell commands, and the lack of support for some of my hardware. I made do and was able to accomplish a good amount and came close to getting all of my hardware installed and running, but I could use some advice.

I know a lot of people will probably answer this post saying not to use Linux. I don't care about that, I'm going to try it either way. What I want to know is a good place to start learning the ins and outs and the shell commands. I think I may switch over to the newest Ubuntu as I hear it is pretty good. I could use some advice there as well. Thank You

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by TheChas In reply to Where should I start with ...

Ubuntu Linux is probably the best place to start for a beginner.

Knoppix is another option:

A good place to start gathering information, and to grow your Linux knowledge is:


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Fedora Core

by alphatech9 In reply to Where should I start with ...

I won't be one of those people telling you not to use Linux. I like Linux a lot, and I run a dual boot with XP on the laptop.

I am running Fedora Core 5, but I've also used Core 6, and it is excellent too.

I would say if you like GUI, stay away from Ubuntu, it's lacking compared to Fedora. If you are just going to plug away on the CLI it won't matter....

I would say hanging out at a Linux forum will teach you a lot if you've got a grasp of the basics.

Every year more and more hardware is supported. The only issue I've had on my laptop is the wireless card. I'm having a tough time getting the wireless up and running.... I'm not giving up yet....

But beyond that everything else works great.... I won't toss out my XP just yet, too tough to get games and software on Linux...but it's fun to run as a server or a daily machine...

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My Thoughts

by w2ktechman In reply to Where should I start with ...

Personally, I didnt like Fedora much, I much prefer pclinuxos 2007. That is mostly due to HW incompatibilities though, I really didnt test it well.
But, I do know others that do like it, so I will not tell you to change distros. Here are a few links that you may find very useful

This one has good information (and beginner/intermediate commands)

This one has lots of info

So does this one

These should be a good starting place for any distro you choose

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