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Where to begin my way into Linux/Unix

By iExist ·
I've been a Microsoft Admin for some years, and I've been looking above the fence to the neibhours penguin (i.e. I am interested in Linux).

I also want to say that I have development experience and I work a lot with command line tools in Windows environment and I also do a lot of scripting. I am very confortable with command line.

I also heard from some Linux enthusiasts that in Linux/Unix everything is built on CLI and the GUI is just another shell on top of it, unlike Windows where the GUI is the main shell. I think it is very logical and kinda puts thing on the right shelves (assuming they are right). Also I heard that Unix is more "deep deep dive" than Linux and it has no GUI.

On one of my last job interviews the CIO asked me if I have some Linux/Unix experience and I gave a negative anwer. So I decided it's time to get cracking and I am really itching to get started.

Here's the question:
I don't know where to get started. To go straight deep diving into Unix, or start with Linux (supposing it will be easier)?

What do you say?

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The first place to look is some good books by O'reilly and the like

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Where to begin my way int ...

and some google searches for training info. Also, Check your local tech colleges for some suitable courses.

BTW The early versions of Windows, prior to Win 95, the GUI was an external app to the DOS kernel.

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In addition to reading a few books, forums and other online resources,

I would also recommend using a Linux Live CD or USB thumbdrive. I use
Slax on USB quite a bit, even though Slax is getting a bit old now, not
updated since 2009, it still makes a handy rescue device. Running a
Live CD or USB version allows you to learn a few things, get your feet
wet, without doing any modifications to the installed system on the PC.
Other distributions have Live versions as well, I've been reading up on
Salix OS as a possible refresh distribution on my USB thumbdrive.

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You can look here for a Live Linux

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to In addition to reading a ...

And Distro Watch for the current Distro being released is also another good resource

I personally Use Knoppix as a Rescue Disc but that's very much a Personal Thing. And the person who told you that the GUI was a Shell on top of the Main Shell was right there are 2 main Gui's Gnome and KDE with several others available Unity as supplied by Ubuntu and then a host of others depending on what you like/need.


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If you want to try a version of Linux very much like Windows

by Deadly Ernest In reply to In addition to reading a ...

get Zorin OS Linux from as it has a range of GUIs which include options to look a lot like Win 7, Win 2000, and Win XP just to make people feel at home.

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Been using those

by iExist In reply to In addition to reading a ...

I have been using some Linux rescue environments. Great tools!

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