Where to find HP Media Center M8330f drivers for XP

By morecowbell ·
Downgrading HP M8330f from Vista to XP, does anyone know where to find theses drivers. I have check HP's site, they offer only for Vista. Am I missing something?

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There are no drivers for the entire "model" of computer...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Where to find HP Media Ce ...

... offered by HP. Their web site specifically says "If what you were looking for is not listed, then it is not available for downloading from the web in this language." I checked for English drivers.

If you wish to downgrade to XP, you would need to get ALL of the specifications of each and every component of the computer and locate drivers from those manufacturers.

Start with the motherboard. You'll need the manufacturer/make/model of that.

Then, you'll need drivers for any additional peripherals that are not built into the motherboard (graphics card, sound card, modem, network card, etc...).

And finally, if there's a SATA HDD used in the machine, you'll need SATA drivers put on a floppy (or USB external device) just to get XP to recognize the HDD is even IN the machine in order to do the initial install.

Downgrading is no each task for the inexperienced. You MAY want to contact HP and see what they can offer for you, especially if it's still under warranty.

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I fear you are out of luck with this model of HP ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Where to find HP Media Ce ...

I cannot find any trace whatsoever of any XP drivers for this model.

Depending on your current configuration, perhaps your only options would be to follow the HP advice for increasing the performance of your Vista installation.

I'm assuming you already have a minimum of 2GB installed RAM.

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You already have the drivers for XP...

But you will have to input them manually.
Before you do this go into "device manager" and write down the names from the network section, display, mice , keyboard etc. Once you have got the names of the devices in question then Take out Vista with disk wipe software. If you do not wipe it correctly you will get errors when trying to load on XP. If the drivers do not seam to work after you have loaded on XP, then the list you have of the named devices you can check out on the web, example, say your nic is called Broadcom, then just type in "Broadcom" on the web. Or you can get Version tracker pro, this little program can get your drivers for you if you feel too lazy.
Version tracker pro:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by morecowbell In reply to You already have the driv ...

It looks like my department didn't research this model. It looks like we will have to find the these xp drivers online if possible. THanks for your post.

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nVidia Chipset

by willcomp In reply to Where to find HP Media Ce ...

The nVidia chipset drivers will cover the chipset and video.

LAN is Realtek RTL8201N -- should be included in chipset drivers

Audio is Realtek ALC888S

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