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Where to go .....

By jabney ·
I am currently in a reporter (DBO) position. I mainly use MS Access. I am trying to get a game plan together so I can strive for MCDBA. I use SQL loosely. I use it but only the basics I haven't really used SQL in several years. I got lazy and used the wizard on the application. I am trying to shake the rust off and dive head in. I am trying to find out what would be the cheapest approach to getting started. I started looking and I found that I have to take windows admin test as well. I know how to use windows but never gone in dept with any of the versions. What approach/angle should I approach ...any ideas

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Start with a book

by beads In reply to Where to go .....

Like everything I start with a good book on the basics. In my case its usually some Cisco book and read the whole thing cover to cover. When I can I use all the available labs to help me learn on the way. Because nothing takes the place of actually doing it versus simply reading about it.

Even with labs and reading most of the Cisco/routing stuff I have to put into practice atleast twice before I remember what I am really doing.

And stay away from GUI Wizards! LOL!! They are evil to your understanding of the actual procedure.

- beads

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Write it write it write it

by gizmo59 In reply to Where to go .....

i agree with getting a book, read it but afterwards, the best way to really learn SQL- forget the easy way (wizards) you must write, try different things, choosing diff columns, grouping, group diff. when adv enough use subqueries, see the different recordset. Most of all learn and get a real good understanding of group by and unions (especially if your staying with development\reporting) Are you changing over to MS SQL server at any time? If yes SQL LOVES math.......... (great for reporting)

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