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    Where to go from here? (Education/work)


    by kerensky18 ·


    I’m currently a student at a two-year college. I will be receiving a certificate in Database Administration this June and will receive my AAS in March of 2009. Now I’m trying to figure out where to go from here, I’ve been a security officer for the last 5 years so I’ve very little applicable work experience to put on my resume and most of the jobs in my area related to Access and SQL require a BS.

    What jobs/work should I be looking into?

    Should I continue with security until I’ve earned my BS degree?

    I thank anyone who can help provide some guidence.

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      by kerensky18 ·

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      I have always been told “information is worth more than anything”,

      by Anonymous ·

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      So (if your budget allows) go into SQL, Access can come second to this, if needed.
      Congratulations on your studies though. Hope this helps you. Studying for the information is a pain sometimes but a happy one at the end. So keep on studying.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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        Refining opening post

        by kerensky18 ·

        In reply to I have always been told “information is worth more than anything”,

        Just to give further information:

        The certificate and other courses I have taken cover the following:
        Heavy focus in the basics of SQL
        ER Diagrams

        I believe I have a good base to go off of to learn more, further more I’ve received a 4.0 in all classes.. My concern though is that I won’t be able to find work that is acceptable to new people starting in the industry and the lack of “real-world” experience may hurt me. What type of jobs should I be looking for? Or as I said in my original post should I concentrate on more education?

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          Since others must have gone before you …

          by older mycroft ·

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          I suggest that you have a word with your Tutors as they’ll have some knowledge of the successes of previous students that have gone out into the big bad world.

          I don’t favour the ‘endless learning’ idea. You can end up finding yourself unemployable because ALL you are actually any good at is learning.

          There has to come a point where you put what you learn into practice. Experience takes over where classes left off. 😉

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          This looks like a “Chicken or the Egg” issue.

          by Anonymous ·

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