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where to go, next.....

By yattwood ·
Greetings, all

I are a 1958 Baby (yah, do the math). Currently I am an Oracle/SQL Server DBA, and I also have been a UNIX (HP-UX/AIX/Solaris) SysAdmin; I know enough about Windows and DB2 to get out of a wet paper bag.

I've heard the "yes, we have a career track for those who want to remain technical and not go into management" - it is the stuff of vaporware.

I have been through two (2) data center moves and am in the midst of yet another one - the servers will be located in the Eastern United States, but managed by a company on the Indian subcontinent (most of you can guess who)

I love being a DBA AND UNIX (or Linux) SysAdmin, but with Sarbanes-Oxley, "separation of duties", outsourcing, etc, etc - a strict wall of separation is being erected in most larger shops between DBA's and SysAdmins (er, would someone tell Lawrence J. Ellison that most DBA's these days can _barely_ get 'sudo' (without sacrificing a firstborn child or two), much less 'root' to execute '', etc, ?)

My manager wants me to get into project planning, management, coordinating the move of new systems from development into production, and stop doing daily operational (translation: keep the systems up and running) duties - I'm willing to try, but there's nothing like whipping up a tasty UNIX or SQL script in the morning, or installing new applications, etc.

I don't really want to be a PiMP, or a manager or do nothing but MS Project all day (ugh)!

It seems I would need to get hired by a Siemens or an IBM Global Services or a Tata - I just don't know about working for companies like that.


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I'm on the fence

by AV . In reply to where to go, next.....

It sounds like a promotion, but why do you have to be hired by the outsourcer? Would your current job be going away anyway?

I know a couple of people that work in HP in an outsourced project management capacity and its a pretty good deal. They work for a place for a year or two and then are moved to a new company. It works for them, but in the end, it all depends on what you like to do.


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Well Siemens just got the orders

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to where to go, next.....

to modernise the eurostar fleet, and Tata have negotiated some pretty tough business conditions with admirable success. so some people who work for them have their heads screwed on right, and they will need good techs.

As for a move to PM, take it as a compliment to your skill at something totally different.

Quite why management like to turn good techs into at best reluctant managers is something I've never figured out though.

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I can't throw Siemens

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well Siemens just got the ...

very far.
So, on that hunch, I wouldn't go that way.
But it's just a hunch.
Sometimes it's good to say "And now for something completely different!"
Even if it's actually more of the same

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Seimens is a huge outfit

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Well Siemens just got the ...

and the Eurostar contract may not affect all divisions.

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And the graft...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Seimens is a huge outfit

from where do they take that? Gotta ask the painful questions too.

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I have to say it...

by santeewelding In reply to where to go, next.....

You inspect lint in your belly-button, while others inspect their place in the river bottom under the bridge.

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