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Where to go...

By Winnie The Pooh ·
Where is the best place for...

A. Learning IT?

B. The best IT positions?

C. The best buys on computer equipment?

D. Burying Micro-managers?

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Gee, Toboso- ask an easy question!

by Tig2 In reply to Where to go...

Learning IT-
I find most of what I want to know between O'Reilly books and forums, including this one. A few classes don't hurt me either and User Groups are a wonderful help. Know what you want to learn and find the SMEs that can direct you.

Best IT Position-
The one you love. I used to write code. I don't do that anymore. I've done direct support but have evolved from there as well. I've been a PM, and might still be considered one today. Security is what interests me the most. That is what I do for a living.

Best buys on equipment-
Bricks and mortar, I like MicroCenter (they are available on line too) and have heard really good things about Tiger Direct. Everyone who responds will have a favourite.

Burying Micro Managers-
Just don't even try. Recognise what MAKES them micro managers and work around that core element. Most are fear driven or incompetence driven. Once you recognise that, you can work in a way that speaks directly to that fear. Gain trust. A relaxing of the reins will be the result.

Hope any of this is helpful to you!

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OK, I'll bite...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Where to go...

Tig took the high road. So I guess it's up to me to travel the low road. I'm good at dat.

A. In da real world. - but remember that experience is only the best teacher when it's someone else's.

B. Where dey pay da most.

C. At CompUSA when dey go outta bidness.

D. New Jersey. with all da rest of da bums.


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Bad, Bad CaptBilly!!! :)

by Tig2 In reply to OK, I'll bite...

I thought they buried them in Chicago- MUCH closer for the querent!

And eeewwwweee! Comp USA??? You should be ashamed!

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Only Because...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Bad, Bad CaptBilly!!! :)

they are going out of business (or so I have heard) and maybe I can get things for a steal.
Otherwise, in reality, I use Copernic to shop for whatever I need on-line.

and I still like N.J. ... after all isn't that why they call it the Garden State? ... 'cause the ground is so fertile from all da bodies buried there?

reminds me of a sign I have behind the door in my office:

Lord grant me the
Serenity to accept
the things I cannot
change, the Courage
to change the things
I can and the
Wisdom to hide the
bodies of those I had
to kill because they
pissed me off.


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buried managers

by Ironspider In reply to Only Because...

I thought it was at the bottom of lakes.

What do you call 500 managers at the bottom of a lake?
A good start.

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I'm feeling froggy

by NickNielsen In reply to Where to go...

So I'll jump.

A. At a masochists' convention. If you are, or want to be, in IT, you have to be one.

B. Someplace else. And if you move there, it'll be someplace else.

C. I'll agree with CaptainBilly on this one: CompUSA when they go out of business. (I cleaned up when OfficeMax closed in Lexington and Columbia!)

D. I used to use MailMerge memos, with random buzzwords from a very large source file. Print enough, and it'll keep him happy for weeks.

Aside: Sorry, Tig, this was just too hard to resist. But I'm still thinking pink

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IF you want cheap

by Dr Dij In reply to Where to go...

join the IEEE computer society
or the ACM
both are about $100/year

both have thousands of courses online.
one has element K courses and the other has skillsoft courses for free once you join. and they both have o-reilly books you can read (limited to 10 a month) and a subset of IT books onilne.

tons of both live and recored webinars on just about any IT subject by vendors. thse are free and you can learn alot.

download free trials of tons of hardcore valuable IT software. intalio's UML modeling tool, powerdesigner demo from sybase; java, eclipse; rational developer.. xml editor altova, VB express from m$; Free solidedge 2d cad from ugs; the list is endless. and instead of letting them sit learn what htey are about in the 30 + days you get with them.

You'll still need to decde what you want to learn. securi9ty, program, db, xml, java... all there.

Fry's electronics (aka Fried Computers) is good for components. I wouldn't buy a computer there tho. online is I goto a store called recomp locally, which reconditions newer commputers for sale cheep. cheep cheep! (I think I've contracted chirpies :)

The best way to not be mic4romanaged is to change jobs. strangely I have a problem I'm not managed enuf. we're all professionals and I can think of things to do but I rarely get direction frm my boss. Just help end users with new projects, etc. In spare time I either try to get to know database fields available in our ERP system (so I can find stuff when need to do report / data extraction) or do online courses that could both relate to work and get me a job elsewhere if it ever comes to that.

there's tons fo interesting jobs out there but none for beginners; but if you can familiarize yourself with an area an dhave conf8idence you'll get a job. excuse my fast typeing.

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