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Where to install Exchange 2003.

By alan.atkins ·
Here is the gist of my question: I have Exchange 2000 running on old 2000 server domain controller. Not a good practice I know, but this is why I am re-structuring. The old 2000 server and Exchange 2000 are the last of the 2000 servers in my domain which have all been replaced with new servers and 2K3 O/S running AD. What I want to do is install Exchange 2003 (I have a 64 bit 2k3 server to install Exchange 2k7 on once I learn more about it) on a separate server, but I also plan to create a child domain to keep users and file server off of the perimeter network. In this scenario where do I install the Exchange server, on the perimeter or on the child domain Can you have Exchange run on the child domain with a connector to the perimeter, or would it be best to install Exchange 2003 on the perimeter and have the child domain user's access SMTP mail from it? If the latter, how? I have taken over a neglected network, and the upgrades and migration have gone fairly smooth to this point, but I am still a little fuzzy on the Exchange stuff. Any help or links someone could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Where to install Exchange ...

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, it is not likely to get the attention it deserves in the Discussion forum. Please re-post to the Questions forum by selecting the "Ask a Question" button. You may copy and paste your content to there.

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Exchagne = forest wide implementation

by matt In reply to Where to install Exchange ...

Hi there,

My initial thoughts on this are that Microsfot Exchange is actually a forest-wide implementation. The mailbox servers do not necessarily need to be in the same domain that the users are. When you install Exchange it extends the AD schema which applies to all the domains in the forest.

Am I right in reading that you have a Windows 2k3 forest running mixed mode with 2k3 and 2k domain controllers? Or have you created a seperate forest for 2k3? The answer will directly impact your choices.



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