where to look for help in win98 se

By olivarestony ·
My client has an old pc windows 98 second edition. He does not want to reinstall the operating system because he has to install everything again (software , printers ,faxes, scanners, accounting program etc....) The problem he has is when he minimize the windows of any program the window disapears but when you look in the task manager the program still open how can i solve the problem

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by vlape In reply to where to look for help in ...

anyone visited windows update for patches??

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by TechExec2 In reply to where to look for help in ...

1. I presume your client has tried rebooting?

2. Is the Task Bar visible?

3. Does ALT+TAB cycle through the running programs and restore the window?

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Try doing a repair check?

by luc_andre In reply to where to look for help in ...

If the user has the Windows 98 CD try doing a repair of the system.

sfc /scannow

If any files are corrupt or missing this scan will replace them with the original files found on the windows CD

Also, to bring them back up, try using the Alt+Tab combo.

Last note, try doing a Spyware and Virus scan. Some older bugs were known for this.

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sfc /scannow doesn't work on 98 systems

by Kiltie In reply to Try doing a repair check?

I believe it only works on 2000 and XP machines from the command line, at least that's my personal knowledge, it may work on other OSs too (eg 2003)

I have a mixture of OSs on my network, for Win98 SE a GUI can select it, I repair system files by:

Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information

On the Microsoft System Information screen, select Tools tab, then System File Checker

On the next screen, select Scan for altered files and click Start

It can take up to 20 mins to run and you will need either your System Installation CD, or be able to point to where they can be found (eg on the hard drive)

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No you can run SFC directly from the Command Line in 98SE

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to sfc /scannow doesn't work ...

All you need do is open the run box and type in SFC then apply and you'll be greeted with a window asking you what type of Scan you wish to perform chose the Through and Replace Corrupt or Altered Files and that should bring the system back to it's original install though you'll need the original 98SE install or Recovery CD to work from and you'll loose any Patches that have been applied. But it will keep the current Software Load as well as the installed Drivers for Hardware.


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by zlitocook In reply to where to look for help in ...

Win98 was great for this. You can reinstall over the top and not loose any thing it will replace missing or corrupt files but not loose any thing.

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I don't remember exactly, but...

by jdmercha In reply to where to look for help in ...

... it sounds like the windows mnight be minimizing off the screen. I forget how to get to it in WIN98 but you may only need to move the window. I think if you alt-tab to the missing window, then hit your alt key, you will be presented with a move option.

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