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    Where to take a job?


    by methelberg ·

    Let me explain a little where I work now. I am a Network Administrator in a company of about 150-170 people. Our IT department is 5 people; helpdesk, me and IT director. As you understand, I am pretty much a do-everything guy, and we have a veryhigh-tech setup. I have about 6-7 years of experience and right now I am second in seniority in my department. I have received an offer which is about 20-25% percent more then what I am making now, in a large company with about 1000 users and an IT department of 50. I guess I have two questions. First, I never worked in such a large environment and I am not sure what it is like and how does it compare to the one I am in now. And secondly, is it considered a better career step to work in a big place, where I would be somewhat specialized, or to stay in a small office with higher seniority/lesser pay and be an all-around sysadmin?

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