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Where will it end?

By Rocko Da Pimp ·
Todays CPU's are getting faster and more
reliable than ever. But will the techno guru's ever reach a point where the chip can no longer be enhanced?

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by BrianHarris In reply to Where will it end?

We've only just begun to work with bio-tech chips. There's no end in sight.

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Everything Must change

by Cr@zy@ssM@g!c!@n In reply to Where will it end?

working with todays chips which are growing in speed, they will at one point reach a stalemate. You must remmeber that the chip is only as fast as the board lets it go. Todays boards suck and as a result, the chips we use are not fully pressed. They could go faster if the new technology would be released.

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Not in the near future...

by geg In reply to Where will it end?

Like Brian said there is bio-computing. Then there is the truly stange quantum computing, not only would chips be even smaller but here could be multiple 'states' (not just 1 and 0).
When the multi-processor people get things cranking not only willcomputers use processors orders of magnitutde faster but there will be dozens (hundreds, thousands ??) of them linked to speed processing even further.

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