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Where would you like to live?

By neilb@uk ·
leaving aside the fact that we'd never prise most of you Yanks out of your native home - with the exception of jck who wants to live in Andrea Corr's knickers - where would you like to live?

I found my ideal place down on the Somerset levels, Curry Mallet, just a mile from Beercrocombe.

The fact that it's deep cider country doesn't give me too much of a problem.

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Between my ears.

by santeewelding In reply to Where would you like to l ...
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It goes without saying

by neilb@uk In reply to Between my ears.

that you get to take your ears with you.


Although, if you couldn't, there wouldn't be much point in saying OR going without.

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Are you in there by yourself?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Between my ears.

There seems to be plenty of room.

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Some people

by Oz_Media In reply to Are you in there by yours ...

Only have grey matter in order to stop the wind whistling between thier ears. Kind of a stopper more than a brain though.

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Explaining yourself, perhaps??? :^0 <NT>

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Some people
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by jdclyde In reply to Explaining yourself, perh ...
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What only one post?

by Oz_Media In reply to Explaining yourself, perh ...

Usually when you think you are being funny you cut and paste to at least 10 different posts. So disappointing, what's wrong with you? No tasteless grade 9 jokes for us to goan at and click past?

Or is this an indication of your own lack of humour compared to the stuff you cut and paste that you actually think is funnier?

I mean seriously, I can take a 'good' slam when it is 'good', in fact I like to see such humour thrown at me, its refreshing and I love to be burned by quick retorts and wit.

But that's just elementary shcool 'I know you are but what am I" BS.

Next time ask someone funny to help you out, that's just sad.

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Now if only we could figure out who you were replying to.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to What only one post?

Throw in the typos and oddball spelling and nobody can top you for inane humour

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WE seem to know who I was talking about, don't WE

by Oz_Media In reply to Now if only we could figu ...

And again with more baseless bullsh1t that effortlessly flows from your fingers.

Typos and oddball spelling?

Oddball spelling in what way?

Is it the fact that I add a U to words because I am both English and live in Canada?

You should be able to get your head around that one or is Canadian spelling new to you this week?

Typos? I missed the letter R in one word, did it make it a bit difficult for you to comprehend?

And judging from dozens of past Friday Yuks, you are the one who simply cuts and pastes and endless line of pathetic, tasteless jokes, probably how you knew I was talking about you.

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Cut and paste; sure but, you had to read each and every one; didn't you?

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Now if only we could figu ...

You must have; otherwise how else would you have known they were cut and paste and/or tasteless and pathetic??? I believe that sort of comes under the heading of being hoist on one's own petard, although I doubt you're capable of grasping the reference without Googling it.

Well I can see you are still quite **** retentive but it appears you need a change to your medication. Ativan isn't cutting it for you anymore; you probably need a switch to Prozac. However, that might interfere with the Cialis or Viagra that you use to offset your other obvious shortcomings. How else to explain a so obviously demented phsyce, except as compensation for physical limitations or personality disorders on a scale requiring professional treatment. Are you still doing weird things to small animals and are they letting you out without your keeper yet??? Is that why you had to leave Port Hardy in such a rush??? I guess it was before they could catch on to you.

And judging from dozens of past Friday Yuks, you are the one who simply cuts and pastes and endless line of pathetic, tasteless jokes

I believe you wished to say an endless...

Just a tiny sample of what I was referring to. I can call up lots more if you want me to; some in which you have even acknowledged your typos and spelling errors.

Hmmmmm??? Once again, it looks like you've gone and tripped over your own ****; doesn't it??

BTW, thats not the only error in your little tirade. English??? Yours is barely intelligble and certainly far from intelligent. It might be nice if you learned how to use it while expressing and demonstrating the astonishing quantity of BS you manage to generate considering you're hampered by the minuscule amount of intellect you seem to possess.

It seems you have absolutely nothing better to do except to wait for my posts so as to make some sort of childish comment. Well here you go; **** your mind then. Most of us have learned to ignore most of your more egregious utterings, although you do occasionally make some sense on the occasional topic.

Hmmm? Come to think of it; MAYBE that's how you've become such an expert on cut and paste. That's it!!! That's the answer!!! I see it all now. When Oz posts without any spelling errors and/or typos and uses proper sentence structure, then it's because he is cut and pasting. How else to explain it???

Dawg ]:)

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