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Where'd my disk go? Help!

By cmullin01 ·
Was having problems with a machine and decided to have it rebuilt [format c and reinstall NT4]. The intent was to keep the drives configured that same [1 physical 2 logicals]. Now after rebuilding, the 'D' drive shows as free space. I don't know what happened, someone else did the rebuild. I don't think the 'D' drive has been reformatted, so I believe all the data is still on it.

Still the system doesn't see it as a partition so ... any ideas on how to get it back to being functional without losing the data that is on it?

Thanks for your help


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by jahantab_siddiqui In reply to Where'd my disk go? Help!

Check whether the cables are connected to the hard drive properly, and that the partition information has not changed.

Good Luck:-)

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Elementary ... not so

by cmullin01 In reply to elementary

Thanks for the response but ... the c drive is working fine. It's the same physical drive as the d drive, so if the cables are OK for the c drive they must therefore also be OK for the d drive.

Yes, the partition information has changed... There is no longer any partition information for the d drive. The system [NT] looks at it [former d drive] as free space.

The c and d drives are the same size they always were before.

In essence I guess I want to 're'partition the d drive while stillretaining the data that already exists on it.

Does the data still exist on the 'd' drive? It was not formatted. But the partition is gone. How can I reassociate the data on the drive with the system?



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Partition Magic

by Marence In reply to Elementary ... not so

At this point, you have to break down and buy Partition Magic. It's the only utility I know of that can partition & re-partition drives non-destructively.

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Check your support

by tpalmer In reply to Partition Magic

If someone else did it, they should know if they deleted the partition during the re-install. They might also have taken precaution against your delema by making a backup of your data. If they did not and they did NOT re-size drive C then maybe justmaybe the Partition Magic could work. If your drive C now contains any of the space that had belonged to D your D drive may be gone forever. Good luck.

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Thanks for all your help ...

by cmullin01 In reply to Check your support

but it's too late now. I may have messed it up in Partition Magic I selected 'Create a partition' not realizing that would auto format it. Bummer.

Regardng the other person and all ... no one thinks they deleted the partition or resized c. So ... won't help to go back there and try to figure out who or what or how ... move on. Lot's of space on the new clean partition now... now the 'I' drive :).

Thanks again all and Happy 4th to ya.


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One more thing...

by cmullin01 In reply to Check your support

I think Partition Magic may have been able to recover the partition had I selected the partition and used 'unDelete' from the menu bar instead of create partition. Just so's y'all knows. In cas you need it sometime.


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