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    Where’s everybody-can’t get an answer to my cell phone Q&A??


    by wolfticket2003 ·

    asked this question twice-guess noone knows which phone is best-last attempt..(I’ll probably get off the wall comments now..)

    third try: “cingular mobile contract up for renewal-have narrowed phone choices down to the following- What’s the best biz cell phone on cing svc?
    I’ve narrowed it down to the following three choices:
    (excluding the very best-Blkbrry Prl, due to prohibitive pricing for my budget)here are my research results:
    a. Samsung BlackJack
    b. Nokia E62
    c. Cingular 8125
    (Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 11)

    So; which is the best buy for audio quality and multi-functional business use,in that order?
    All opinions appreciated-

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