Where's everybody-can't get an answer to my cell phone Q&A??

By wolfticket2003 ·
asked this question twice-guess noone knows which phone is best-last attempt..(I'll probably get off the wall comments now..)

third try: "cingular mobile contract up for renewal-have narrowed phone choices down to the following- What's the best biz cell phone on cing svc?
I've narrowed it down to the following three choices:
(excluding the very best-Blkbrry Prl, due to prohibitive pricing for my budget)here are my research results:
a. Samsung BlackJack
b. Nokia E62
c. Cingular 8125
(Posted: 05/31/2007 @ 11)

So; which is the best buy for audio quality and multi-functional business use,in that order?
All opinions appreciated-

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Most reasonable answer is 'none of the above'

by lzdwren In reply to Where's everybody-can't g ...

If it was me, I would buy an iPhone.
Every other company is trying to copy Apple's iPhone and
failing miserably. I have seen Nokia and no other besides
LG which seems to be my best phone I have used so far.

I am planning to buy an iPhone as soon as it is capable of
European service access probably later this year.

There is no other phone close to what you can do with
iPhone. Business or otherwise.

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can't decide for yourself?

by CG IT In reply to Most reasonable answer is ...

try these places to get information so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

consumer reports can give you the pros and cons of celluar service. here's a link:


Cnet might also have a comparison:


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That's a tough one

by jc2it In reply to Where's everybody-can't g ...

Based on what I have heard I like the Samsung BlackJack. The commercials are cool Too! ;-)

You should evaluate what you really want out of a phone and that will help determine your need.
I was looking at a Treo before Christmas, but after thinking about how I use my phone I settled for the Moto Razr. I realized that I hate getting email on my phone, because it is pointless to try and use these small devices for meaningful email.

Furthermore web access still sucks for mobile devices. It is too difficult to get meaningful research down with them. They are really only good for yellow page type searches. I can do that with SMS text messaging to GOOGL.

So for me the small form factor was king because I did not need the carrying case anymore. I just slip it into my pocket, and go.

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