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where's the drive space

By Shanghai Sam ·
I feel I should know this, but can't remember.

I have a Quantum 30Gb HDU which is recognized by the BIOS as such. The unit has a single 30Gb partition, as reported by both Fdisk and PartitionMagic. But the OS sees only 20Gb.

What am I overlooking. The drive has been configured FAT32 on a WinME system.

I have installed the unit into my XP machine for test and analysis. CHKDSK reports only 20Gb as does TreeSize and Windows Explorer.

Please, any clues.


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where's the drive space

by nschulz In reply to where's the drive space

This is usually a bios limiation. You probably need a bios upgrade or configure the disk in the bios for LBA mode.

Thanks Norm

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where's the drive space

by pristle In reply to where's the drive space

The problem is present no matter what machine I have the formatted unit installed in. When the drive was initially installed and delivered it registered 30Gb. What has happened in the meantime I have no idea. The unit actually belongs to a client who has run several AV, disk check and anti-Trojan utils. Whether he found something he hasn't reported I don't know. However he is crying "warranty".

The BIOS and DOS based FDISK recognize the full 30Gb. It is when an OS is up and running that 10Gbis unaccounted for.

This can be Win2k, WinME, WinXP or even Ontrack's EasyRecovery Pro which runs on Caldera DOS.

As not all the data has been successfully backed up yet I haven't yet doen a full drive re-install, repartition, format etc. I was hoping to avoid it if at all possible.


aka pristle

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