Whic OS is better dor a 130-client Server?

By Ghiami ·
What I mean is that I'm to write a proposal to get on with server erection and its architecture design but I still am in dilemma whether linux base server goes with this 130-client server or the windows server 2008? You know what I am searching the upsides and downside for both linux and windows!

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RE: anything else I should do?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Whic OS is better dor a 1 ...

And the budget for this is?

That is the starting point not which may be technically better but what is within the means of the existing Infrastructure and Budget.


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by Ghiami In reply to RE: [i]anything else I sh ...

well on the budget, consider there wouldn't be any restriction and all the lettuce will be provided as need ! but the heart of the job to me is the way of simply putting which OS can go with my hardwares( which is CPU:INTEL XEON AND THE MOTHERBOAR SUPER MICRO) BETTER?

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a few pros and cons

by .Martin. In reply to Whic OS is better dor a 1 ...

More Used(could be considered a con)
more supported

cost money
adware, spyware, viruses

Free (mostly)
more likely to find distro that does exactly what you want

Less Used (could be a pro)
support is community based (mostly)

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