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    Which A+ Technician book do you use?


    by soma561234 ·

    With so many books out there I am having a difficult time choosing which A+ book I should buy. I recently got my Security+ and am going for my A+ shortly. I would like a book that is more of a troubleshooter for fixing PC’s instead of a guide for the exam. I already have study material for the exam however a decent A+ PC troublshooting book would be good.

    What do you recommend?

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      check archives

      by honu95 ·

      In reply to Which A+ Technician book do you use?

      I’m pretty sure you’ll find lots of questions like this if you do a search. Anyhow, since it doesn’t cost too much to type a few lines, I used the Mike meyer’s A+ book and the A+ for dummies one. However I suggest you get good practice tests like total seminar or something. GL!

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