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Which anti-virus do you use and why?

By cp7212 ·
I was wondering who used what and why on their desktops. There are the industrial norms, but then I hear about freeware that works well from time to time. I just built a PC and was wondering what AV I should put on it.

Thanks for your comments.

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TrendMicro..sad reason though...cost.

by TomSal In reply to Which anti-virus do you u ...

At the time, a few years back, when looking for a network anti-virus solution the security company that sold us and configured the firewall had some kind of incentive program/deal with Trend..we got a trend anti-virus solution for 200 nodes for like $1000.

It has worked well though since we had it..the auto-update keeps failing for some reason though, some times it auto-updates, some times we have to manually update it. Trend's answer for this (of course) is "buy the new version and it will solve that problem".

The serverprotect product which we purchased back in '03, works great.

All in all it seems decent, some virus' did get by however and at home the same virus was stopped with my Norton solution. Luckily it wasn't a very sophisticated or "deadly" virus.

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Posted in Wrong spot..

by dafe2 In reply to TrendMicro..sad reason th ...
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by cp7212 In reply to Posted in Wrong spot..

You corrected my grammar/not using paragraph breaks in my last post. I didn't know we got graded here. Well, some day I may get it right. Keep the red pen out, though.

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by dafe2 In reply to Geez....

Quite a rough day that day...........I think I screw up three times (here) trying to answer your question! LOL

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by jdmercha In reply to Which anti-virus do you u ...

At home I use AVG because it is free, and works decently. At work we use Mcafee. It is not free but it is cheaper to support. (For us anyway.)

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A standalone PC?

by Oz_Media In reply to Which anti-virus do you u ...

Easy, AVG AntiVirus is excellent. I am sure a great portion of the community here uses it for most stand alone installations.

I always remove purchased solutions (Norton MAcAffee etc) and replace them with AVG, problems disappear instantly as it is FAR more resourceful than other retail options.

Another VERY useful tool you can pickup free is AdAware to keep it clean of PC cling-ons, adware etc.

If this is a network solution you are seeking, I highly recommend e_Trust antivirus from Computer Associates (CAI.COM) It's nice and fast without tying up resources, inexpensive, REALLY secure and seems to catch everything. Works flawlessly on MS and Novell servers etc.

BUT for personal use, AVG is you best bet.

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AVG is Shop Standard

by willcomp In reply to A standalone PC?

Use AVG for all PCs I setup in shop. Agree with Oz on this one. Primary advantages are that license doesn't expire and it takes care of itself without user action (very important consideration for my clientele). Plus it is FREE and also very good.

For your own use, take a look around and judge for yourself. I prefer the Zone Alarm Suite among those that cost. Reasonably priced and excellent product so far.


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Computer Associates

by jardinier In reply to A standalone PC?

In Australia we have "Vet" which is a product of Computer Associates.

Once you are a registered customer, you can download it on as many machines as you like -- well that is of course if you cheat on the EULA and say: "I accept."

I have been running it on numerous computers for 7 years and have never caught a virus.

I don't know if it is available outside Australia, but the website is if you want to check it out.

It is also very cheap -- After initial purchase (which can be downloaded) it costs $AU 43 per year to remain eligible for updates (that would be around $US 30 per year).

Currently I am running TrendMicro Security Suite on one computer. This also seems to give complete protection.

Almost everyone I encounter who has caught a virus has been using Norton. But then of course I don't know if they remembered to renew their licence for the latest updates.

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by faith_michele In reply to Which anti-virus do you u ...

At home I have used it at home for almost two years free and never had a virus (knock on wood). I think the spyware, adware, and browser hijacking is more of a threat now then it used to be. I use NAV at work. I used to used NAV at home, but sometimes it would do some proprietory things that I didn't appreciate some of the things that it would do.

Have a great day,

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by Net_Tech In reply to AVG

I use AVG 7 at home and install the free version on any PC I repair for outside customers. I have received only one complaint and that was because the user made incorrect mods.

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