Which anti-virus to buy

By AshishS ·
We have Norton Anti Virus here at my shop and I have finally talked the CIO from moving away from it. I have experience with McAfee in my previous job and I also have it on my home computers and have no complaints. I am leaning towards implementing McAfee here but before I commit to it, I would like to ask the great community of TechRepublic for their feedback on which anti virus they recommend.
I am not starting an anti Norton tread, just simply asking for recommendations for a solid antivirus program other than Norton.

Thanks for your feedback in advance.

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Which to buy? - Neither of them.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Which anti-virus to buy

If you 'need' to spend money by all means do so - but I wouldn't advise either of your mentioned products.

Norton / McAfee ? In my opinion they are both as bad as each other.

If you absolutely have to spend money I would steer you towards Kaspersky. It has been cleaning up in most of the published Test labs / Polls I have seen in the last year.

On the Free route you can really do no better than AVG Free AntiVirus.

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I agree with OM ... neither of them

by Churdoo In reply to Which anti-virus to buy

Although I haven't used the Kapersky product that he mentions, my fav of the paid products is NOD32 ( It's small, light, kills trojans and malware out of the box, and for the corp environment, it has an Enterprise Edition with a central management console for monitoring, configuration management, and push installs. Pricing is decent too.

Those other two, in my opinion for what it's worth, have grown too commercial and too heavy to be useful.

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NOD32 is King

by DoubleShocker In reply to I agree with OM ... neith ...

NOD32 is the strongest, and has the smallest footprint. And if you want to uninstall it, it does not require a PhD.

We have been users for the past two years, and I renewed our license for an additional two years.

I have the Enterprise Edition, which allows your server to grab the daily update, and mirror it to all the users on the LAN. All of my remotes have a separate login.

Simply the best.

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Neither of them Dittoed

by jmgarvin In reply to Which anti-virus to buy

I prefer Clamwin, but there are also decent personal AV software packages like AVG.

Clamwin for the enterprise, AVG for the small shop.

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Having tried a few

by ben.rattigan In reply to Which anti-virus to buy

.. AV packages such as Sophos Enterprise and CA (Computer Associates) E-Trust, McAfee and Symantec/Norton AV the best I have seen is CA.

I have a network running 70 users with CA and so far none have got through.

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Which antiviris to buy

by tathagataghosh In reply to Which anti-virus to buy

I am using Kaspersky and pretty happy with its performance. Its easy to use, does not lag your machine and catches viruses like anything. Other preferable AVs can be AVG and Trend Office Scan. But, for god's shake, dont use Norton.Its extremely slow and shitty.

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ZOMBIE ALERT !!!!!!!!!!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Which antiviris to buy

Jeez - where DO these folk find these old shrivelled threads??!!

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Free just as good as paid, go Open Source

by kgunnIT In reply to Which anti-virus to buy

I have used a variety of AVs. I used to use McAfee, but have found this to slow my computer the most. Norton is good, but costs a bit. Currently, my company uses Clamwin, which works great, although waiting patiently for on-access scanning, my only complaint.

The feature I like most about Clamwin is email alerts. We have two offices and some laptops, so I can't always go and see scan reports. With email alerts, if a virus is found, I get an email of the report, and I can go and service that machine immediately.

Nod32 is good and light, although this can be someone confusing. It's not clearly labeled for a new user. I have also used Avira, which also works great.

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