Which Barracuda Spam Firewall to use?

By theo.m.mayer ·
I'm looking for an Antispam solution and stumbled upon Barracuda Spam Firewalls. My business is small (170 users) but with rather heavy e-mail usage. Now I'm trying to size the Antispam Firewalls from them and learned that the Model 2000 will support up to about 500 users and a load of 40.000 email/h.

Now the email throughput number seems a little bit high to me: Does anybody knows how those figures are meant/measured? Any recommendation on which model would fit a 170 user business?


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Webroot Email SaaS

by henryadam80 In reply to Which Barracuda Spam Fire ...

"I wouldn?t be worrying about throughput? I think the main issue here is that regardless of high throughput, do you have any insurance against email failure during spam spikes?

I'm currently subscribed to Webroot Email SaaS which provides a global network of Data Centres to provide protection with full redundancy and guarantees on email uptime... i think this is a better approach as it leverages a security company's infrastructure.

The ease of deployment and ease of use was the clincher for me over appliances or software because if they dont perform well... let alone breaking down... think about it, would you prefer to buy 1 appliance box for your security - or subscribe to a service that has multiple data centres (like Webroot) has for full redundancy and guarantees that you email wont fail..."

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