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Which CACHE did I disabled???

By nornameneed ·
The system:
motherboard:M571 PcChips
CPU:Cyrix 6x86 Pr 266
128 MBytes SDRAM PC100
Maxtor 15.3 GBytes diamondmaxPlus

recently I had to disable cache (internal & external)in BIOS advanced CMOS setup menu to clean install windows 98.It seems that cache failure , because after I disabled it then I manage to install windows on the system.It turn out that the system barely crawling because of disabling the cache.It took long time to boot up.But the problem is I dont know which cache did I disabled..Is it the motherboard? or the CPU? or the harddisk?? I kneed to know so I can replace either one of them.OR am I disabling all the cache?? is there any software to check cache on all this hardware???


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by TheChas In reply to Which CACHE did I disable ...

The Cache setting in BIOS setup refers to the CPU data bus.

Since the setting you have disables both internal and external cache, if the cache is bad, it may be either the internal cache on the CPU, or the external cache on the motherboard itself.

I would start with the CPU, as it is the easiest to change.
Without checking the specifications of the PC Chips M571, I assume from your present CPU that it is either a socket 7, or super socket 7 board.
Look in the manual, and verify which CPUs are supported.

If it is a standard socket 7, I would install an Intel 233MMX CPU.

If a super socket 7, pick an AMD K6-2 of desired speed.

In the US, you can find either CPU for under $20 at used computer parts dealers.


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by nornameneed In reply to

well I think both of it had problems....anyway the computer died before my eyes. I dont think I can revived it.after changing password in the BIOS when I restart it just dead..just like that , there is nothing wrong with Power Supply Unit as the fan keep moving and the hard disk spinning (I heard it).here it's hard to find both second hand socket 7 motherboard and the processor because there are no big market for second hand computer equipment it hard to find replacement.

thanks anyway

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by csmith In reply to Which CACHE did I disable ...

Do you have the manual and the System Driver CD Version : 8.15 ?
You will need both.
If you do not, no problem, the website for PCChips is
This is the fastest way to solve the problem, and this motherboard supports 384 Meg RAM.
I would suggest an upgrade, once you get the necessary drivers and Win98 loaded properly.
Most of the time, the cache error, is just a symptom that the chipset drivers are not properly loaded/setup.
Regards, Chris

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by nornameneed In reply to

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by C_M_S In reply to Which CACHE did I disable ...

Hi there,
I once TSd a PC that took forever to boot and it turned out that the BIOS (ROM) caching (shadowing) was disabled. In this condition the BIOS was running from the ROM rather than loading itself into RAM first. Suggest you check this out.

Good Luck,

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by nornameneed In reply to

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by nornameneed In reply to Which CACHE did I disable ...

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