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Which Certification First?

By eforee ·
I am uncertified and would like some advice as to which cerfification should I persue first? Also Does anyone have suggestions of the overall direction of my certification? I favor Net Adm, but am open to info and ideas in all areas of certification.

Thanks for you input

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From the bottom

by apache5056 In reply to Which Certification First ...

I am not any type of expert and don't claim to be but from what I do know, the best place to start is from the beginning or bottom and that is the A+ cert. I have that and currently working on a MCSA and then a CCNA and later, the MCSE.

From what I have read and heard, getting the MCSA will make the MCSE and CCNA easier to understand and understand it at a higher level.

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Thank you

by eforee In reply to From the bottom

Thank you. It sounds like you have investigated this. I like the Idea of one cert providing knowledge to help acquire the next cert.

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by ghstinshll In reply to From the bottom

I have posted countless messages pertaining to order. In a much shorter version, this guy is correct!

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by bilal_mahmood In reply to Correct!

I did BBA, and MBA with IT major. I was looking for work and was having hard time. I just decided to take a bet with M$ products. I did MCP and quickly landed on a job, then on the job I did MCSA and now MCSE. But I see the guy who is talkingabout A+. Totally agree with him/her. A+ really should be the start, since you are looking for Net Admin Career, then you will need to think what kind of network technologies you want to get into (CISCO, LINUX, Unix, Microsoft etc). Network+ will bea good one to have under belt after A+ as well.
I love this country's opportunities and rewards that you could get for hardwork, Amazing !!
Good luck and Hope this helps.

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Then the next step is???

by apache5056 In reply to Certifications

After the A+, Net+, MCSA, and CCNA. What would one be looking into? Or at that point, you should know your career path????

Oh, heck, I'd just like to get a job.

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by rick_richardson In reply to Which Certification First ...

I did get the A+ first and am ready to pursue the MCSA. Which of the exams makes the most sense to prepare first? I am thinking I should start with the Win2k Server 70-215. Is that right or do I follow the numbers...70-210 then 70-215 etc.????????/

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Depending on your direction......

by Patrick Arrington In reply to Which Certification First ...

I have completed my CompTIA A+, and Net+, I for one, have decided to persue, the engineering and admin side. And have begun the MCSE & MCSA certifications.

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