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Which certification to go for

By Jio ·
I want to make a career switch and need help.I've basic IT background but good in Web design and development.I'm dedicating the whole of 2005 towards attending a year's intensive intructor lead course.

The certification I want to achieve at the end of the programme will determine the course I choose. Should I go for a MCIW or MS certification? And in each case which of the certification tracks would u suggest?

My goal is to be able to get a good IT job in early 2006.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Which certification to go ...

how about try to get the Network+ & Server+ (one exam each) and MCSA (4 exams) and then try for an entry level job.


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by jdmercha In reply to Which certification to go ...

Competition for IT jobs is tough. When a manager gets 100 applications for a position, first thing they usually do is eliniate anyone without a BS.

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Here we go again....

by uofM In reply to Which certification to go ...

lets pull that "dead horse" again so we can pounce on it a bit more.....

I may have misunderstood....but it sounds like you're looking at a cert to get you the job. What you need to do is look at the skill/experience that will get you the job. The cert may simply "validate" it for an HR person.

In this day and age, you're not going to be hired simply because you have a series of letters behind you (with exceptions). So if you are going to spend time and money on something worthwile, make sure its something you're intrested in doing.... or something that leads to your interest. This may actually be taking a lower paying job and getting the necessary experience rather than just attending a school.

And as previously stated - if you don't have a secondary degree (BA, BS etc), you're already a bit behind the pack. Not an issue of fairness... but reality.

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Got BS

by Jio In reply to Here we go again....

Thank you all for your replies..............I've got a BS in Engineering and some years of experience in Web Design. But my web design experience is from doing it on the side while I had a regular job in a non-IT position.

My interest really lies with Web Design and Development and I'm prepared to take a low paying job.

Since most guys on this forum have the IT experience that I haven't gotten, I was hoping I'd get some advise on how lucrative either a Network or Web design job is.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Got BS

web design and web stuff -->

also, look at Java.

but as they say - it's a crap shoot if they will actually get you a job.

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by ITJUNKIE In reply to

I am an IT career Consultant, give me a call and I can show you a few different things... Send me a private email and I will give you my number.

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