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Which City should we launch our new Social Network website?

By jetbase ·
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Hi Everyone,
I am hoping you can give me some of your expert advice!

We are about to launch our new social networking website.
It will connect people to companies. (Yes I know Facebook already does this!).

So, our target market is small businesses like restaurants, and good quality small/medium local businesses.
Our other target market is people, who like mobile technology, shopping, possibly students, female shoppers, genY and middle class looking for good quality at affordable prices.

What we are wondering is:
Where should we launch our website?
We are considering somewhere in the US, but also thinking of other locations to focus our marketing efforts on.
If you have any suggestions for cities that we could launch our product in, we'd love to know what you think and why.

For example, we were considering Austin TX, as this is a university town, with a younger population, and big entertainment (music, bars, restaurants, etc) options. Additionally, nearby cities like San Antonio could also help expand our growth...

Thanks everyone for your time and help, we're only a small company with a few members in our team and would love any honest, helpful advice or opinions you can offer us

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I wouldn't touch Austin with a pole.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Which City should we laun ...

Not only is it a university town, it's a technologically savvy one. If you have any glitches, the local propeller heads are going to eat you alive.

I'd open someplace that isn't a technology hotbed or a major college town or a state capitol; someplace where your target audience is a smaller percentage of the local population. Assume you're going to have errors when you roll this out, because you are. Pick someplace the traffic will be much less than your anticipated goals. You'll have time to fix the problems in an area where there isn't as much local e-word of mouth to dissect your errors ad nauseum before you've even seen the bug reports.

There's are reasons why new shows usually open off Broadway and why athletes start in the minor leagues.

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by jetbase In reply to I wouldn't touch Austin w ...

Thanks for your tips CharlieSpencer, you make some good points. We've done lots of testing, but you're right, we will have unexpected problems.

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Move to Canada

by Slayer_ In reply to Which City should we laun ...

Less people, better internet, better restaurants.
Tim Hortons alone would generate huge potential traffic for you.

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Off-topic rant - Business that don't care if you can find them.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Move to Canada

I hate it when a business with multiple outlets has a location search engine instead of a map of locations.

I've never heard of Tim Hortons so I thought I'd see where they're located. Their web site offers a location search engine but no map. I typed in my city and state, and it returns "No locations within search radius". That's freakin' great if I want to know where they're NOT. They don't even specify the freakin' radius, so I don't know how far to jump before trying again. There may be one nearby, but damned if I'm trying at 5 mile intervals to find out.

In their defense, they aren't the only ones with this stupid non-utility.

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I can understand it in their case

by Slayer_ In reply to Off-topic rant - Business ...

They have a location almost every city block in every city in Canada.
And usually 1 or 2 locations in every village.
They also have around 400 locations in the US, and 1 or 2 in Afghanistan (or did) for the Canadian troops.

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i think they still have them overseas

by PurpleSkys In reply to I can understand it in th ...

for the troops....We live in the Truro/Bible Hill area and there's at least 7 I can think of right off the top of my head.

edit to add: there's two in Dubia

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If their own web site can't point me to a location,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to google map!!

I'm not interested enough to keep trying. There are plenty of Krispy Kremes around these parts, and their web site provides an actual list of stores by state and city.

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it would likely be like me

by PurpleSkys In reply to If their own web site can ...

looking for a Starbucks here in Truro....just ain't happenin'

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I thought there was one when I was there

by Slayer_ In reply to it would likely be like m ...

Or maybe that was a robins?

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