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Which computer hardware vendor provides the best service?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks, "Which big hardware vendor has provided your organization with the best customer service?

Please tell us which vendor you've had the best luck with and share some of your experiences, including success stories and/or horror stories.

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Best HArdware Vendor Service

by pweegar In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

Best hardware service vendor I deal with, is believe it or not, Kodak! I'm in charge of 2 Plasmon jukeboxes, which Kodak services.

A year ago, a picker went out on one of the boxes on a Christmas eve. I called for service. Unfortunetly, they didn't have the picker unit in town and had to overnight it. Thankfully, I got a call the following Monday morning (Xmas was on a Friday). When ever I need service they are there.

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Dell and Gateway

by jejsub In reply to Best HArdware Vendor Serv ...

We have only Dell (100) and Gateway (150) workstations ( 3 Gateway servers). I am the only tech support person. We stick to these vendors because of the 5-year service/warranty. Gateway'
s tech support is excellent. We switched to Dell because we had to replace 44 hard drives (Maxtor) in one batch of Gateways purchased two years ago. Gateway was very good--they actually sent replacements for the rest of the drives after half of them failed, even though they were currently OK.
I've found with either vendor, if you do your part (run the diagnostics you know they will ask you for, etc., before calling), things go pretty well 95% of the time.

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dell has been awesome for us

by reality.bytes In reply to Dell and Gateway

in the past two years, i have replaced every computer on our network with dell. we have four dell poweredge servers, and a mix of about 70 dell dimension and optiplex desktops. i always purchase the three-year next business day support, except on mission critical boxes, where i go with the 4-hour response level. i have only had to call tech support five times in the past two years. every single time, the phone was answered immediately, and the support person was knowledgeable and efficient. two of the calls were on the 4-hour response boxes. dell had a technician onsite to repair the problem within two hours in both cases. the other three were on next business day boxes. in every case, a replacement part was shipped to me the next morning. i could not be happier with dell's technical support.

but don't get me started on their sales and accounting staff. what a nightmare.

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gateway gives no support and is clueless

by david_conway In reply to Dell and Gateway

I don't know what you do. But gateway I recommend for data entry ONLY and maybe some simple browsing!! any serious development or testing; performance or other, even I hate to admit IBM / Lenovo

Here is 1 issue I with gate way I have over 2,000 users all with workstations and some with laptop as well with all the perfs. dock external LCD etc.. I call gateway about a CRT monitor that is going dark and I need a replacement (monitor 6 months old). I go through the name, address, company maze, then I listen to the support speech; Did you check the cable, did you try it on a working machine all answers were YES, now I am asked for the workstation serial number the monitor came with. If anyone works with more than 5 users for more than a year, things will move around to where they are needed.
So I didn't know the number requested. in gateways defense they were very nice when they quoted the reasons they could not help.
Thank you for letting me vent,

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I have received excellent service from

by haywoodwhy In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

MSI, Micro Star International. Their mobo's have worked well for me, and whenever I need information, for instance about which Processor works best with a certain mobo, or for updating a bios, I get it ASAP. They also have a great, and easy to understand and use, website.

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by Bobsta In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

HP has the best support and ease of setup is unmatched.
What about INTEL??? 24/7 support Internationally, have called a couple of times and they've helped when nobody else is awake. Been real life savers!!!

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Dell? NOT!

by luvwknd In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

A few years back I'd have said Dell; however in today's marketplace, Dell has fallen victim to "Costs at any expense" just as all the other major players.
First off; call Dell tech support and doubtful you will receive a person who speaks a language you can understand.
Next, Dell now attempts to charge a 15% restocking fee on all returned equipment! For an eCommerce company whose business is nearly all on-line - this is completely ludicrous!
Third, Dell's business practices have become unethical and morally incorrect whereas it is now obvious they are more about money than about customer satisfaction! Award winning technical support no longer applies to Dell!

Dell still assembles descent equipment, it just stinks having to deal with them!

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That's not my experience

by rasilon In reply to Dell? NOT!

That's not been my experience at all. We bought two servers recently to serve as a High Availability cluster. One (the primary) has the Gold Support package and the other (the standby machine) has the regular support. I had a lot of problems setting up the RAID arrays in the primary machine. They were all due to my unfamiliarity with RAID. The Gold support is phenomenal. You talk to a knowledgable tech within minutes and they were excellent. For a critical server, I would highly recommend spending the money...

The other (standby) machine had a failed RAID adapter. Even with the standard support, I was able to get the problem identified and a new adapter sent within a couple of hours. They walked me through the process of diagnostics very well. Not nearly the expertise of the Gold Support, but still very good.

Now, this is strictly relating to server hardware. From what I've seen and heard, the consumer end of the hardware *has* suffered, but the competition has degraded, also.

Hank Arnold

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I agree, on the consumer side Dell suck

by Kim Spence-Jones In reply to Dell? NOT!

I have had some pretty bad experiences with Dell UK with my Inspirons. Of particular note was their decision not to support XP on machines launched less than a year before XP hit the shelves. The "F-off" way I was treated led me to decide never to buy from them again. Which is a pity, because their hardware prices are often awsome. I guess you can sell it very cheap if you're going to ignore lifetime support completely!!

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Dell problems

by rlewis In reply to Dell? NOT!

Have to agree that Dell has really fallen. To add to the list already noted, Dell says free shipping and adds a $29 handling fee, Dell has eye-catching low prices, but it is like buying a car and finding you didn?t ask for the steering wheel upgrade and it will cost extra. To sell more extended warranties Dell now gives only 90-day warranties on some NEW systems. I get 90-day warranties on refurbished equipment.

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