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Which Database Programming is demanding ?

By jamesnkk ·
I want to learn database prog, but don;t know where to start ? which one is right,or which is the most popular or demanding in the market.

I want a database programming that can be interact with web form, or I could creating Sales Inventory system and sell to some retail shop.
Please advise.

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Which aspect ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Which Database Programmin ...

Database as in SQL, or database as in interacting with one.
Whether you do it web based, via an environment like access or through a straight code, makes no real difference. Once you get the idea of how to interact with the database, the trade offs between implementing the functionality at the differnent layers of the system, it really doesn't matter.
Select * From Customers Where Customer_ID=1, really doesn't care where or how it's executed from.
As for demand, small web based database apps are going to be split between PHP on LAMP servers and ASP.NET on windows ones. In terms of devloping an application, the similarities far outweigh the differences.
It's important to note though, to execute the sort of task you've set yourself, you'll need os knowledge, basic web skills, webserver admin and database dsign/admin skills as well as your chosen programming environment. Familiarity with client server models, and database design will come in damn handy as well.
So what route you choose in terms of learning depends on where you are now.

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Tony - Which aspect?

by jamesnkk In reply to Which aspect ?

Tony, thank so much for your advise, seem like there are so many things I have to learn. Should I kick off with or ver 2.0 ?

Do you have any recommendation - books or websites that good for beginner ?

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as Tony mentioned,

by Jaqui In reply to Which Database Programmin ...

the actual database engine isn't really important.
learn sql ( Structured Query Language ) as that is a cross platform tool.

lamp works for windows as well, as apache, mysql and php all run on windows machines. can be used on linux, as apache has an module.

learning the basics of db design, the sql, and whichever language you choose to use for higher level scripting can actually be concidered cross platform scripting.

by far the most usefull system to learn is lamp. the difference between linux and windows as host os for apache/mysql/php is zero from the web scripting point of view.
learning is a buzz for companies right now, and learning the language/framework will help also.

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Jagui- as Tony mentioned

by jamesnkk In reply to as Tony mentioned,

Thanks Jagui for your advise, which SQL should I learn ? is it good to start off with 2 ? or Btw, what is Lamp ? is a mix softwares running in different OS ?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Jagui- as Tony mentioned

is something I haven't done. Old fashioned ASP, a bit, PHP a bit. Get the latest version.
Start with web tutorials before you buy books and courses just hit google for tutorial or php.
There all much of a much ness anyway.
Create an obect, log on to the database, pass in a query. access the results and write them on to the page.
I noticed your response to Jacqui. Learn SQl don't worry about whose, there are some differences between the various vendor implementtions, but these are vendor specific addons. Select, Update, Insert and Delete are the same every where. Even those vendors who foolish twiddle with the syntax implement the SQL-92 standard.
If you've got a windows box. Get IIS, MSQL (DE), going for the windows side. PHP, PostGre/MySQL. Even set up linux on a separte partition.
Then go from the basics. Puting up a page, getiing a parameter off the user. Secure sign in. Use of cookies etc to preseve state. Fun ones like disoplaying a table of data 30 records at a time are always good exercises. Saving the query as a file on the loca machine for imp[ort into excel or some such. Once you've got a tool box of techniques and building blocks in these two flavours you are pretty much set. The mechanics of doing web based db apps do not change between platforms. Alll you have to do is transalte and then maybe tweak.
If you are not familiar with sql. Get MSQLDE, Access, or MySQL. Don't use the silly gui stuff, though, dive straight into raw SQL. It takes a long time for the learning curve to start getting steep with these technologies, they are designed for a quick return/high production.
It's nowhere near as difficult as people would have you believe. In fact most problems people run in to are the result of design contraints or poor choices.

Linux using Apache, MySQL and PHP
using Apache, PostGreSQL and PHP.

WIMP using Windows, IIS, MySQL and PHP
Tee Hee

LAMP & LAPP are very popular, but you'll need to pick up Linux/apache to be taken seriously in the market.
That's not difficult either as long as you remember it does not work like windows becuase it isn't windows.

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asp is

by Jaqui In reply to Jagui- as Tony mentioned

not sql
sql is the language you must use to create any queries.
asp is a second language.
php is a different language.
neither are sql, yet both are used with sql.

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sql is sql

by Jaqui In reply to Jagui- as Tony mentioned is not sql it is

learn sql
learn php
learn asp
learn .net

3 languages and a framework [ .net being the framework ]

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by jslarochelle In reply to Which Database Programmin ...


Before you get into database programming you have to understand that there is at least three different aspects to this:

1) Database design. This has to do with identifying the data that you have to store and the relation between those data elements.
This is a largely conceptual activity. By that I mean that much of what you have to do at this stage is similar whether you store your data in a database or not.
2) SQL
If you work with relational database (most of us do) this is the gateway to your data. This is the language that the database understands. However, you will rarely run SQL directly (unless the database your work with as a shell that let's you do that). You will use a language that supports running SQL statement (see 3 below).
3) A language that lets you run SQL statement from your application. This can be Java, PHP or any number of other language. I can't help you with that because I don't do Web programming.

The bottom line is that there are 3 things that you will have to learn and those are separate things. However 1 and 2 are common to all approach and you can start learning database design and SQL right now and keep looking for the proper language.

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Programming demanding

by z_sadat In reply to Which Database Programmin ...

for the databse programming in market there are two tools are available easily Oracle and MS SQL plate ONe is Microsoft product and another is non microsoft products. These two database tools work with other programming language like ASP J2EE dot net plate form etc.
so first learn Oracle or MS SQL

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Cart before the horse

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Programming demanding

What about Sybase, DB2, MySQL, PostGre, RDB .. ?
Learn SQL, then adapt vendor specific stuff.

I certainly wouldn't recommend Oracle as a start, not unless you've won the lottery or something.

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