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Which directon to go?

By jrob962 ·
I have been working in IT for 4 years now. I currently work for my state govt on the service desk. I am graduating from WGU with a BS in IT, I possess A+, Net+, Sec+, CCENT, Linux essential, Cloud essentials, and ITIL certs. My first IT job was for an AS400 managed services provider on the help desk which consisted of watching a lot of Netflix / studying because all I did was monitor processes that rarely failed. In my next position, I was hired as a jr. network admin where no one would teach me anything or let me do anything so I had to teach myself enough to pass CCENT / Net+, and really all I was allowed to do was config switches and routers with a template that I just had to change a few lines of command. After that, I worked for another MSP doing desktop/network device installations and troubleshooting. Now I work for the SD for my state and I am tired of the constant phone calls and if I am not answering a call every sec of the day I get messaged asking why i am not on the phone taking calls. I look for positions within the state but either I am underqualified or can not apply because I do not belong to that agency. When I look outside of the state for employment opportunities I am either under qualified or the only positions that I am qualified for seem to be another service desk position which I do not want. I work best in positions where I come in I have my tasks and allowed to work on them to completion. I dont mind reaching to to customers and assisting just not all of the time. There are so many niches or jobs in IT I just do not know where to go or what to do. Any advice would help. Coding appeals to me and I can do some HTML, CSS but not enough to get a job in those areas and really you need scripting languages to go along with it and I can do some basic JavaScript but get lost with it after the basics. I am just not sure how to get out of the service desk or where to go.
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It will take time to change.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Which directon to go?

I have two suggestions.

1. Head back to school and meet with a guidance counselor to see if they can work out a plan for your next degree and jobs.
2. Get with employment agencies. Don't go it alone in your job search.

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