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Which encryption software to use ?

By MBrown2 ·
I have 20 laptops I want to encrypt. I will be encrypting the whole of the hard disk. They will all be running NT4. I need to be able to administrate it centrally and hold control of passwords etc.. I have been looking at various encryption packagesand have come up with 2 possibilities so far. The first is PC Guardian and the second is Protect Data. Has anyone used these packages before ? Any pro's/con's ? Thanks.

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TeamWare Crypto

by savatovic In reply to Which encryption software ...

I was using TeamWare Crypto from but I'm not sure it will satisfy your requirement for central control of passwords.

Windows 2000 Professional has built-in feature of Encryption File System (EFS) and allows the administrator to recover encrypted data. It's worth considering.

However, I would not recommend encrypting whole hard drive. Encryption is very resource intensive operation and can hog your CPU. I'd recommend you encrypt only user data.

Zagreb, Croatia

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by MBrown2 In reply to TeamWare Crypto

Thanks for that, the problem we have is that we cannot assume that our customers will save the work to the correct folders, that is why we want to encrypt the whole drive. Our customers are new to PC's so we need to protect the whole disk.

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Teamware Crypto

by Shanghai Sam In reply to TeamWare Crypto

Thank you for your interest in Teamware Crypto. Unfortunately, the development of Teamware Crypto was discontinued almost two years ago. This was due to Teamware Group's decision to move to and concentrate on virtual community solutions based on Teamware Pl@za and Teamware Office as the core products.

For this reason, Teamware Crypto is no longer sold.

Tom Lofstrom
Supply Services, Teamware Group Oy

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Protect software

by Rogge In reply to Which encryption software ...

We've been using Protect! (from ProtectData) for little more that a year. I'm responsible for this software at my company and I think that it's really good. It has a nice central administration for passwords and for remotely unlocking PCs. It is easy to install and uninstall and the users don't have to know anything to use it, as it's transparent for them. Only one extra login is required. In the new version called PointSec 4.0 you can use SSO to avoid an extra login.

I recommend this software.

Good luck.

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by novicetovc5 In reply to Which encryption software ...

I m using CRYPTIC 2.0 Home Edition for last 6 months. It's quite good. U don't ve to save your work to a particular folder. The encrypted file will remain at same location and u can can use Magikey as Super User Password.

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