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Which exam: Exchange or SMS ?

By razorren ·
Hey guys. I completed the core exams and the design exam towards the MCSE certification. But I am not sure what to attempt next. I want to do both Exchange 2000 (70-224) and the SMS 2.0 exam. What do you guys recommend? I also intend to go after theMSCDBA cert as well.

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What will help you most?

by ghstinshll In reply to Which exam: Exchange or S ...

These are just loose thoughts.

What is your goal in getting certified, and what one will help you most toward that goal? If either one holds the same value, I'd personally take Exchange because I'd feel more comfortable with it, but SMS is a goodexam too. Either one is good toward the MCSE, and it seems either has the same reward, the MCSE. SMS 2.0 should be retiring soon, I'd think. I doubt they'll de-cert anyone with it, but notice that SMS 2003 is coming out. You may need to hurry beforethe 2.0 exam retires. Have you taken SQL yet? If you're taking the MCDBA, you might want to take for the MCSE (if you can, I'm assuming you can) to give youa leap toward the DBA. If you're not at a stage where you can just take it, then go back for the two you asked about.

Ok, so I rambled, and here's what it boils down to, is just pick which one is most beneficial to you, and if neither, justpick one and run to complete it. You have a long road ahead if you're going to the DBA level!

Good Luck!

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I would go for exchange

by LordInfidel In reply to Which exam: Exchange or S ...

I would dare to say that it is harder then SMS.

I took my 5.5 exam several years ago, at the time it was deemed the hardest exam to take.

But once you pass it, good exch admins are hard to come by. It just depends on what your final goal is.Do you want to be a sys admin or a dba?

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Not sure

by razorren In reply to I would go for exchange

Actually, I really enjoy the systems admin role, but right now I am chasing the money and the advancement opportunities. So, I think what ever what get me up the ladder faster and with a bigger pay cheque will be fine with me.

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Money Chaser?

by ghstinshll In reply to Not sure

Of course we're all money chasers to some degree, but I sure hope you have some kind of lower-level experience in both of these areas, or else you're not going to get the $ WITH the job when you're done.

Plan on not getting both when you start, and expect to not get the best job off the bat, but work toward your future in learning as you so and always push beyond what your current position can give you... Then you'll get there in a couple of years...

On a positive note, MCDBA's pull a nice paycheck, as well as exchange admins too. I think from what I've seen on the outside of those area, DBA's may get more money, but will ahve more travel in their positions...

Good Luck

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Go with Exchange

by Shadoglare2 In reply to Which exam: Exchange or S ...

I'm going to suggest Exchange, for two reasons:

1) Exchange is likely going to be more useful, and 2) the SMS2 exam is freaking HARD.

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