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Which Firefox extensions?

By master3bs ·
I'm a new recruit to Firefox. The tabbed browsing is what sold me; but it was the extensions that drew me.

I currently use NoScript, Wizz RSS News Reader, Auto Copy, Bork Bork, TinyURL, View in IE and CustomizeGoogle.

Of those, NoScript and Auto Copy are the most useful to me; but Bork bork does make me laugh.

So which extensions does everyone else use?

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My extensions are

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Which Firefox extensions?

1. IE View

2. FireFox View -- allows you to view pages from IE in FireFox using a context menu (the opposite of IE View)

3. Blog this! -- adds an option to post a page to Blogger using the context menu

4. Nuke Anything -- allows you to hide any element of a web page

5. TinyURL Creator

6. Style Sheet Chooser -- allows you to choose an alternate style sheet for a website

7. Sage RSS reader -- not the most full-featured, but I like it.

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by dflonge In reply to Which Firefox extensions?

Search Button
- Adds a search button for use with the search bar

Context Search
- Expands the context menu's 'web search' to use Mycroft search plugins

- Makes mailto: links load your webmail's compose page

Update Channel Selector
- Allows you to chnge the application update channel

Favicon Picker
- This extension adds UI for replacing bookmark icons

Gmail Notifier
- A notifier for Gmail accounts

- Focus last selected tab

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