Which frameworks for a live-chat web application?

By yourwhitepanda ·
I want to develop a web-app where users can create an account (login, security-aspects etc. ).
With the app, it is possible to have a live chat like facebook or whatsapp, where the messages are saved in your chat-history. It should also be possible to hold a video-chat conference like skype / ms teams. With sharing screen / stream etc.
What kind of backend and frontend framework should I use?
The app should also be scalable, speaking of easily adding features etc.
I was thinking of Django with ReactJS and some Google-Cloud functions (Database, etc).
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Re: webapp

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Which frameworks for a li ...

It seems to me that the primary backend for things like facebook, whatsapp, skype and teams are the backends offered by Facebook and Microsoft. Maybe also include Zoom?

For the frontend and your own backend for your own data any framework you can work with should be fine.

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My answer.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Which frameworks for a li ...

You meet with your development team and present what you want. You don't dictate which framework but let them build a solution which you accept or not.

It would do no good to dictate they use a system they can't implement.

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