Which hard drive should I choose to upgrade

By eleanorc ·
Hi the hard drive in my toshiba satellite U200-161 has recently died and I need to replace it. As they are now discontinued I was wondering if you knew what I should choose? It was a hitachi travelstar 5400rpm 80gb sata. Would I also be able to upgrade to a larger capacity drive?

Thanks for any advice.

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Just check Toshiba support for your model.

by seanferd In reply to Which hard drive should I ...

It will, of course, have to be a laptop form-factor HDD.

See this page
as there are several U200 models aside from the straight U200. Choose your exact model, just in case there are differences, and download the "detailed specs" PDF that is offered.

E.g., Choosing "U200" gives me "Satellite U200-ST3311 Series"

"Choice of:
40GB (5400 RPM),
60GB (5400 RPM),
80GB (5400RPM),
100GB (5400RPM),
120GB (5400 RPM) or
100GB (7200RPM);
Serial-ATA (SATA) hard disk drive; 9.5mm height;

It is possible you can choose an even larger drive - these are just the drives that were offered with that laptop. I doubt the system BIOS has a size limitation for HDDs that would be relevant here. Just remember it has to be a SATA 9.5mm-height drive.

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Generally speaking you can fit any NB Form Factor SATA HDD here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Which hard drive should I ...

But I would seriously look at the Specifications as mentioned above of the one currently in the NB.

Pay particular attention to the Power Requirements this will be 5 V DC and a stated Milliamp rating. If you go to a HDD that uses a higher Milliamp Rating it will shorten the life of the NB while on Battery which may or may not need to be considered here.

If I'm currently reading the current HDD correctly Hitachi has dramatically improved their products recently and are now worth looking at as a possible replacement along with Samsung HDD.

On the other hand Drives from Seagate and WD seem to have gone backward in reliability so it's probably a good idea not to consider those brands. But then again it all depends on how old a type HDD you are looking at as the above may not apply.


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