Which iPhone has the better camera iPhone 11 or iPhone 8 Plus

By Abbeykelly52 ·
I’m looking to buy a new iPhone I want a really good camera,I’m wondering does anyone know weather the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 8 Plus camera is good,thank you in advance.
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Camera phone

by Abdullahyasin00oa In reply to Which iPhone has the bett ...

Iphone 8 plus got the same camera of iphone x
Both of them doing well ..
But iphone 11 got the camera upgrade ,
Its camera is tha same of iphone 11 pro
Except telephoto lens (which iphone 11 pro has)
And believe me it's not that lens you pay for..

In the end , iphone 11 has bitter camera
But iphone 8 plus has a good camera too

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iPhone 11 camera is better

by vipul rajput In reply to Which iPhone has the bett ...

The front camera of the iPhone 11 is 12 MP whereas the camera of the iPhone 8 plus is 7 MP and obviously the performance and quality are better of iPhone 11. The back camera of iPhone 11 is quite better than the iPhone 8 plus

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iPhone 11 camera

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to Which iPhone has the bett ...

Both phones of good cameras.
But of course, in the iPhone 11 you will find a good camera.
Because apple always tries to upgrade from its previous version.
So, if you are looking for less budget then go gor iphone8+, & if you have high budget then go for iphone11

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