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    Which is a better career move


    by auxperc ·

    I’m wondering which of the 2 jobs that I am offered will be the better of the 2 as far as experience is concerned. On the one hand I am a technical support analyst for a software company, which does support for the in house software and existing hardware (cables hard drives etc) we specialize in the telecommunications field. On the other side I have been offered a positions as a computer network technician for a non technical company, which the position basically boils down to fixing and installing hardware for Macs and PC’s. My dilema is that with my current job, I’m offered great cross training on telecommunications which is a part of networking and it is a new company. Unfortunately, down the road on I don’t see any opportunity as of yet to move into a networking type of position. With the job I have been offered, It does offer an opportunity to advance into networking, however, it pays less than my current job, and the company is not involved with any kind of new technology. On the road to networking

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      Which is a better career move

      by avachon ·

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      Hi, based on what you have said, I would sit tight with my telecommunication position. Although you do not see networking possibliities now, you are getting valuable cross-training so you are on a learning curve. This does not seem the case with thesecond scenario. I can see you getting boxed into a position there with little growth and you’re likely to get bored. In your current position the company is growing and opportunities may open that you cannot forsee now. Learn everything you can in your current job and if it becomes clear you cannot move within that company, seek a position that uses your talents more aggressively than option #2. Good luck.

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