which is best Free webfilter software.?

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is any free web-filter/proxy server software? i need to filter all the websites like social networking sites, video sites, game sites,etc.....
all users are working in online, but some of checking their mails, watching videos at their working time. i want to restrict them. is any free software is available for monitoring and web-filtering?
I'm using 2008 server, all the users are domain users....
thanks in advance........
sorry for my bad English.

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by a.portman In reply to which is best Free webfil ...

Open Source, you will need to learn/use more than a little Linux. It is the only one I know of.

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by In reply to DansGuardian

k.... what is the name of that open source software and from where i can download it?

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to DansGuardian

Thew name is DansGuardian and you can download it here

http://dansguardian .org/?page=download

Though you will have to remove the space from the full name that I had to insert so I can post the link here.


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squidguard with PFSENSE

by victor479 In reply to which is best Free webfil ...

download squid and squidguard packgages .. easy to learn and easy to use

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DNS Redirector

by JPElectron In reply to which is best Free webfil ...
...runs on Windows server, logs all sites visited, and the blocked page is served by IIS (so 100% your HTML, so you can make it blank, or say whatever you want)
The initial software license is not free, but the ongoing keyword updates for filtering is.

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by IcebergTitanic In reply to which is best Free webfil ...

It's free and easy. Just make sure to restrict your firewall so that DNS only goes to their servers, to stop your more tech-savvy users

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+ - OpenDNS???

by cnvpn In reply to which is best Free webfil ...


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by cnvpn In reply to which is best Free webfil ...

???????????????squidGuard???packgages ...... ???????????????????????????

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