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    which is better? A Dell pc or HP pc


    by gambian ·

    I am an I.T Manager and i want to buy pcs. I need to know for the same specs and price which performs better.

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      by gambian ·

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      I may be ignorant about your question.

      by ron k. ·

      In reply to which is better? A Dell pc or HP pc

      “…for the same specs and price…”
      If they’re the same specs they’ll perform the same.
      Where will you get better support might be a better question. I can’t answer that.
      Our last two computers have been built to our specifications by Systemax. Their support is excellent and the computers cost quite a bit less than either Dell or HP.

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      RE:- [i]which is better?

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to which is better? A Dell pc or HP pc

      If they are the same price and specifications the best to suit your need is the one with the better [b]After Sales Service[/b] and by that I ,mean the one which offers a better faster support after you shell out the money and take delivery.

      From my experience both will promise the world and deliver quite a bit less than that. 😉


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      Spec Wars

      by brenton keegan ·

      In reply to which is better? A Dell pc or HP pc


      Most computer manufacturers have a ‘consumer line’ and a ‘business line’. Typically speaking, the consumer line computers will report higher specs for a lower price. Specs aren’t everything though. These consumer line computers are produced as cheaply as possible while having the ‘highest specs’. Basically they have cheap parts in them and will under-perform and not be as reliable as the business line.

      A computer manufacturer advertises the hardware specs of a computer, but it’s not comprehensive. For example it might say that it has a “120 GB HD” but it doesn’t say how fast it is. Consumer line computers are much more likely to have slower hard drives which will have a impact on performance. Same can be said about RAM. “4 GB of RAM” they will advertise, but now how fast the RAM is rated to run at.

      You also have to take into account the quality of the hardware and drivers. The cheaper stuff is much more likely to not perform as stability as it should. You can have nics dropping packets or drivers causing an occasional BSOD. All this kind of stuff can cause data corruption and lost work.

      As for HP vs Dell, almost every shop I’ve worked in has been Dell. They dominate with their competitive prices, but that comes at a cost. My co-worker (I trust his experience) says that HP is much better. According to him HP puts specific parts in their computers (at least the business line) so this will result in much better support from the manufacturer.

      Here’s my recent experience with Dell: We purchased several Optiplex 755 in the beginning of 2009 (approximately 6 months before the business release of Windows 7). All the hardware in the Optiplex 755 is on the Windows 7 HCL. Dell is, however, not supporting Windows 7 on this model of workstations. Is this acceptable? I think not.

      Based on this experience and others with Dell and my co-workers opinion of HP, I’d suggest going with HP. You’re likely to pay a little more but it’s worth it. Either way, get the business line computers or it’s going to be a support nightmare no matter who you go with.

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