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    Which is better AMD or Intel processors?

    by aumvadi9675 ·


    Which is better and why ?

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      You can go for intel

      by adamsmith2309 ·

      In reply to Which is better AMD or Intel processors?

      Intel is much better overall and also in terms of gaming.

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      AMD vs Intel

      by jeffroberts ·

      In reply to Which is better AMD or Intel processors?

      2 months ago I was also digging to find out which processor is best, so as per my experience if we look at the oldest processor from these two brands AMD and Intel, you will find a huge difference in the performance and power consumption. With new technologies there is not much difference in their performance, consumption, graphics, and price. Let’s have a look at these points.

      Power Consumption
      Not much difference in the latest processors

      Well, in performance, Intel is better than AMD due to its per-core performance. But if we talk about core count, then AMD is better.

      In terms of graphics, we all know AMD beat intel. The APU series of AMD is well known because of its powerful integrated graphics by which you can play modern games easily on medium settings without any integrated graphics card.
      Now Intel also launches their powerful processor, which is Iris Xe with 11th gen Tiger Lake Processor and directly competing with AMD in terms of graphics.

      Talking about the price, you will find a good processor at a reasonable price in AMD with more core and thread count than the intel in the same range of price.

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      AMD vs Intel Conclusion

      by sidshan61 ·

      In reply to Which is better AMD or Intel processors?

      Back in the days, the AMD processors lack in terms of performance and had overheating issues. But now the AMD processors give a tough fight to Intel processors. I have Acer Nitro 5 with AMD Ryzen 5, and its been a year and I do not felt any lag in performance or heating issue.
      In conclusion, I want to say that, if you have a good budget then you can go with Intel processors. No doubt Intel processors are the best one. But if you have a tight budget then you can go with AMD processors without any worry.

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      by fexty ·

      In reply to Which is better AMD or Intel processors?

      So… If you are a gamer, you need to go for AMD processor. They give better overall performance, they come with decent stock coolers and 3000 series have 7nm process (2000 series have 12nm) while intel is stuck on 14nm. Also they have LOWER price while intel CPUs are really overpriced. If you want to go for intel go for 10th gen. But if you ask me I would go for AMD ryzen processors.

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      It depends on your ususage

      by puneetaryson ·

      In reply to Which is better AMD or Intel processors?

      If you’re looking for the best gaming CPU or the best CPU for desktop applications, there are only two choices to pick from – AMD and Intel. That fact has spawned an almost religious following for both camps, and the resulting flamewars, that make it tricky to get unbiased advice about the best choice for your next processor. But in many cases, the answer is actually very clear. In fact, for most users, it’s a blowout win in AMD’s favor. That’s an amazing reversal of fortunes for the chipmaker after it teetered on the edge of bankruptcy a mere four years ago, making its turnaround all the more impressive as it continues to upset the entrenched Intel after it enjoyed a decade of dominance

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