which is better hardware or software for bandwidth management

By mjagdish ·
I have an internet cafe with 30 computers.I need something to allocate bandwidth to individual computers,i have an obuntu running linux server.please advise me.

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Neither - you need to contact your Service Provider ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to which is better hardware ...

It really depends on how busy your 30 workstations become, what kind of internet connection you 'think' you have & what kind of internet connection you 'actually' have.

Allocation of bandwidth is handled in such a way that if only 1 computer is accessing the internet - it gets ALL the bandwidth, if 2 computers are accessing the internet - they each get HALF the bandwidth. By the time you reach 30 active computers, if you are suffering from bottlenecks and have checked the configuration of your network (including all your switches) - if you've still got a problem - you most likely don't have sufficient bandwidth COMING IN.

We'd really need a bit more SPECIFIC information before handing out a tech answer.

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